R.I.P. Steve “The Air” McNair

s mcnair

One of my favorite players to ever play the game, Steve McNair was one of, if not thee, toughest quarterback that I ever got a chance to see play. McNair was found on July 4th, 2009 shot dead with 2 gunshot wounds to his chest and 2 to his head. Alongside him Sahel Kazemi was also found dead on the floor on top of a semi-automatic handgun with a single gun shot wound to the head. More than likely a murder suicide ruling will be confirmed after autopsy results are returned. McNair leaves behind his Wife and 4 sons.

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 Gun Range Death

A Florida woman who killed her son and herself at a shooting range Sunday wrote in a note that “I had to send my son to heaven and myself to Hell,” the Orlando Sentinel reports. Marie Moore, 44, shot her son Mitchell, 20, in the head with a rented gun while he was aiming downrange, then turned it on herself. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN THIS WORLD???!!!??? I remember when the bad guys were the creeps that were hanging around the playground, or the junkies robbing the corner store and shit but now you have seemingly average, “normal” people killing left and right. From cops getting ambushed to a father killing his 5 kids and himself, to a young man trying to kill his family, and a little girl getting brutally decapitated. How do we trust anyone? Honestly it seems like the gangsta’s and drug dealers are safer to hang out with now. Atleast you know if some shit is about to pop off with them, not like hangin with some soccer mom that snaps and drives her van off a bridge….shit is ridiculous lately. Watch the vids of this sick ass woman who thought she was the dam anti-christ…