Dubbage Fridays

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If your around the Hartford area this Friday check out Elijah do his thing, what up Connecticut don’t worry HHTT coming very soon!

Now You See It – Pitbull feat. Jump Smokers

Now You See It has Mr. 305 teamed up with the Jump Smokers over a House beat sure to keep the clubs bouncing this summer.  Look for Now You See It to drop on Pibull’s upcoming Rebelution in September.Download/Stream–>http://www.zshare.net/audio/60698779c6a92088/

Besides finishing up his new album Pitbull has also been busy doing shows and touring the country. In case you missed it at a recent show during a performance of Mentirosa, some clown towards the front decided to “Make it Rain” on the rapper and Pitbull took it into his own hands so to speak, enjoy.

Bizarre Love Triangle (Extended Dance Mix) – New Order

If you were Skeed out of your mind at a Manhattan nightclub in the mid to late 80’s in the early hours of the A.M, chances are you came across Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order.  The regular version of the song with the actual video is available on youtube, but I had to opt out and put up the far superior entended dance remix version courtesy of pioneer DJ Shep Pettibone.  New Order is also responsible for some of the decades best records including Age of Consent, True Faith & Blue Monday.

Soul II Soul – Keep On Moving


If you know anything about the house or dance music scene from the late 80’s to early 90’s then you must know of Soul II Soul. Soul II Soul has been sampled many times over, one of there most popular songs “Back to Life (However Do You Want Me)” was remixed a cappella in the opening scene of the hip-hop classic “Belly”. “Keep on Moving” was another hit for the UK group and was big in the US house/dance music scene. This song is a joint you pump when you lost ya job, lost ya woman, lost ya money, just lost feel me!


Keep on Moving.