Boyz N The Hood (1991) Ad

Why didn’t Ricky follow Tre?

This is 1991

Drink The Kool-Aid (Video) – Ice Cube

New video from West Coast OG Ice Cube for Drink The Kool-Aid off of his upcoming 9th album I Am The West which is due this September.

Today Was A Good Day – Paul Rodriguez

Dope new commercial in preparation for the release of Nike SB’s Zoom Air Paul Rodrgiuez III’s (I know my partner Mobes will be sporting a pair by weeks end).  In stores (8-8-09) Today Was A Good Day is set to the classic Ice Cube song and features appearances from Kobe Bryant, Eric Koston and Cube himself.

Boyz N The Hood (Movie)/ Ice Cube – A Bird In The Hand


Boyz N The Hood is a hood classic which offers many memorable moments. Today my focus though is on one particular part that has stood out to me the most. The part which I speak of is when Cuba is crossing the street after the cookout and those niggas in the red Hyundai pull up. This moment is so pivotal within the movie because here you have the aggressors, and here you have the moment that changes the movie’s direction entirely. The part is so gangsta for real, the way Cuba just stands there shaking looking down the barrel of that shotgun, classic. The music in the background is Ice Cube’s “A Bird in the hand” off his Death Certificate album which sets the mood dramatically. What I present for you today is Ice Cube’s “A bird in the hand” (Classic track) and a clip from that pivotal moment along with a few others in Boyz N The Hood.

Ice Cube’s “A Bird In The Hand” beat was jus recently used in 50 Cents new song the “Mechanic” but it not worth even to mention.


Isley Brothers – Footsteps in The Dark Parts I&II


I always loved the Ice Cube song “Today was a good day”, but for some reason i felt like i heard the beat before when i was younger with my father.  After years it finally hit me the sample is from the Isley Brothers classic “Footsteps in the dark”, I remember cause my father would always play this in his thunderbird on cassette. He would to sip his high life and smoke his joint and go on voyage, like father like son I guess………………. but I prefer the dutch.

For you pops.

Footsteps in The Dark Parts I&II

Janky Promoters a hit or just another “wannabe” Friday


janky promoters set to hit theaters in march starring Mike Epps, Ice Cube, and Young Jeezy claims to be step above cube and epps previous romps together. Honestly i hope so i loved friday and could tolerate its sequels but i really would like to see something new so lets hope that jeezy can bring somethin to the table in this one and make a new summer comedy classic worth paying money to see….


NWA – Straight Outta Compton

Oh the glory of gangsta rap! I remember my older brother used to pump NWA like no other, I always thought they were too harsh too raw. I can’t lie something stood out to me from the group besides Ice Cubes razor sharp lyrics. What stood out was the “gangsta” these gentlemen presented, never on east or west has a group radiated so much gangsta and that is why im posting “Straight Outta Compton”.