Accept The Troubles – Lupe Fiasco

This isn’t your typical Lupe-joint, dropped about a month ago and Lupe goes hard! It sounds like it could be an older track, but nevertheless a different style for lupe all together, over a primo-sounding beat, peep “Accept The Troubles”

D. D. (Dissapointed Dunsky) Mean Streets

D.D. (dissapointed dunsky) is the funniest of the many insults Robert De Niro’s character in Mean Streets Johnny Boy calls Mikey when he comes to collect a debt from Johnny at the local bar in the film.  This is one of De Niro’s greatest scenes as an actor and the most memorable of them all to me.  Watch loose-cannon Johnny Boy tell Mikey how he really feels about him. 

Curt Schilling Shut Up your a JAG


“level of disrespect to teammates and people was unfathomable.” (about Manny)

“I’m a Steelers Fan”

“Senator McCain is the only person with the makeup to get this country out of the place it’s in right now,”  -Curt Schilling

shhhhh…  please. just stop