Get The Money – 50 Cent

Get The Money appears on 50 Cent’s new mixtape Forever King which dropped over the holiday weekend.  Forever King has mostly a 90’s R & B feel to it with a few hood tracks thrown in for good measure.  Can’t front this is a good look for Curtis

Download/Stream–> (No DJ)

Ghetto Jiggy – Lost Boyz

The Lost Boyz dropped their last album LB IV Life back in 1999 although it’s their least known album it still yielded a few hits.  Including We Got That Hot Shit, Only live Once and Ghetto Jiggy

Six months prior to this albums release founding member and possibly the livest hypeman ever Freaky Tah was murdered but is still featured all over the album.  Tah was definitely not your average hypeman, he made each track better by his adlibs with Mr. Cheeks.  Not to mention occasionally getting busy himself with his solo song Problems on the LB’s debut album Legal Drug Money in 96.