Joe Budden Banned in Boston

It’s official.  Joe Budden is banned in Boston, in the clip below Edo. G and Dj On&On let Budden know he ain’t welcome in the Bean.  All this after Budden had a show which was hosted & promoted by Edo in Boston on Thurs Night, where Buddens made some offensive comments to the Boston crowd.  Friday night Joey performed at Tammany Hall in nearby Worcester Ma.  and next weekend he also has a show down in Cape Cod I assume at either club Reputation or Pufferbellies in Hyannis.  Big Up to the cape cod Bumpus st.  goon squad, let me know if anything pops off

UPDATE : Joe Budden Cancelled his show in Cape Cod @ Pufferbellies

Lil’ Wayne Disses Boston Fans, Jay-Z Steps Up

Yesterday was Monster Jam presented by Boston’s Jamn 94.5FM, Lil’ Wayne was one of the headliners of the show, and probably the biggest draw in for the event next to Jay-Z. Wayne seemed to always have a good thing with his fans but I’m letting you know now, Wayne made a crucial mistake on Tuesday night. Reports say it all came down to  metal detectors, Wayne and crew arrived early for a sound check when one of his crew let off metal detectors, this resulted in Wayne getting pissed and leaving. For over an hour concert promoters and his manager persuaded him to go back inside, after all that Wayne finally agreed and the detectors went off again. Wayne and crew then left, even when Boston Police on site suggested taking them to a private room to run the wand. Everyone else went through fine, even Jay-z and Lebron got checked! Wayne you really need to cut this diva shit, you doing ya thing I cant front on that but your skill does not require you to act like a lil bitch!


Oh yea props to Jay-Z for performing earlier and adding songs to his set, due to Wayne’s bitch move. Ok im ready, let the hate begin.