The A-Team (Trailer)

So I made time to check out Iron Man 2 over the weekend (DOPE) but the two things that stuck with me from the film were there is a Thor film coming and the A-Team trailer before the film.  Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Quinton Rampage Jackson and Jessica Biel will star in the revamped A-Team with a release date of 6-11-2010.A-Team Theme Song

Don’t worry my A-Team purists Stephen J. Cannel will be involved with the project.

O’Neal Mcknight – Check Your Coat

This dudes style cracks me up for real, I read somewhere that he used to be a stylist, so I hope that clears up his wardrobe choices(some next shit)  But the video is directed by Lil X and features Christopher Lloyd playing his best role ever as Doc Brown from Back to The Future.  Either way I’m dissapointed the song never blew up, if only just to have Greg Nice on the radio again.