Lola Falana

My dad would always treasure his JET magazine with Lola Falana, he had a thing for the redbone and I could dig that major! Lola was born Loletha Elaine Falana to a Cuban father and an African-American mother, which explains her beautiful complexion. Discovered by Sammy Davis Jr.  Lola was the triple threat in the 70’s she could sing, dance and act and was referred to by many as the queen of Las Vegas. Her eyes are what gets me the most………She’s Dope b.

Mike Tyson Meets Desiree Washington (1991)

Wretched swine of a womanIn 1991 Mike meets a beautiful young Miss Black America contestant at a pageant rehearsal, they then go to his hotel room. Then the bitch set him up.

This is 1991



Last Dragon was the first time I saw Vanity, and she was dope. Light skinned, good hair and sexy as fuck. I remember watching the movie on VHS over and over, first for the martial arts then just to see her smile. She did her time with prince then split and tried her hand at a solo career, where she found some success. A age old argument is who is more dope, Apollonia or Vanity?? If you ask me your looking at her.