Imagine (Duet)- Will Ferrell & Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao, although training for his bout with Antonio Margarito for the vacant WBC Light Middleweight Title found time to team up with Will Ferrell for a duet version of Imagine on Jimmy Kimmel last night. 

Donovan – Atlantis/Goodfellas (Billy Batts)


Way down below the ocean………where I wanna be. This song is a fucking classic, I heard this first on Goodfellas and fell in love with it. Maybe it was the scene where Joe Pesci fucks up Billy Bats in the bar, or maybe it’s the hypnotic melody Donovan provides, either way I love it. Paul McCartney does background vocals on Atlantis and to me if you got a Beatle anywhere around you, its going to be epic. Click below to listen to the classic.
Also for your enjoyment the classic “Billy Batts” scene from Goodfellas………now go home and get your fucking shine box! Shit’s gangsta.

9th Prince – Banned from the Radio

9th Prince from the Wu-Tang Clan affiliated group Killarmy came out with “Banned from the Radio” a few years back.  The first thing that grabbed me about this song is the John Lennon sample from his classic song “jealous guy” which is a personal favorite by the way.  Having said that Rza’s younger brother actually does it justice, complimented nicely by the video filmed in Staten Island and in front of the famous “Can it be all so simple” mural near Park Hill. 

Ringo Starr Has Had Enough

Im not mad at all at Ringo Starr for not opening fan mail after Oct, 20th 2008. I mean him and Paul is all that’s left and to be real it’s quite a legacy to hold down. Ringo said any piece of mail that comes in after Oct 20th he will throw away. We should applaud Ringo as much as anybody for taking time to read all the fan mail he has received and furthermore respect the fact when a cat sends him there Beatles lunchbox, HE SIGNS IT!! The truth is the man has way too much to do, people are greedy sometimes and don’t realize stars like everyone else have lives and don’t want to be on display 24/7 (even though they get paid).