HHTT Productions: This Is Serious (Serious)

Serious blue

Serious is a problem!! I don’t know how many times I tell cats about this dude, the thing I love about Serious is his conviction. When he spits, you have no choice but to feel it, so…….FEEL IT! H2T2Peace to the homie Serious for holding down that 15 minute freestyle with me while Manipulator was chopping it up!

It Don’t Move Me – Peter Bjorn and John

Peep this crazy new video from Swedish trio Peter Bjorn and John, It Don’t Move Me off of their newest album Living Thing which dropped earlier this year.  The video features some fresh Michael Jackson inspired dance moves, enjoy.Download/Stream–>http://www.zshare.net/audio/63246535db732a62/

HHTT Productions: Hip Hop Power IV

productionj patsjohn daly rev

Saturday June 20th@ Creegans on Green St. Hip Hop Power 4 was held and it was a day to remember. The turnout was impressive for a local show and I have to admit the crowd seemed heavily into the music. HHTT was in the building, not just to document this event but to also take part. Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim (Av) and T.O.D. reunited as Cocaine Robots (we still da leg!) to rip the mic and establish HHTT as the machine! I want to big up all the performers, Black Ownerz, J Patty, Serious, Nokside, Elijah Divine and Nite People for doing Worcester proud. Also I cannot forget all the peoples who came out and supported local hip hop, this is for you.wood rip ite back yo front

The Pass (Edition 1)

I’m going to be real and put this out there. In the black community we give passes, not like bus passes or free lunch shit. Peep, certain white folk come along blacks have to give the pass to. One can receive a pass for helping out blacks or jus being fucking cool. There is no true logic to who gets the pass but the list is somewhere in the halls of the NAACP. After talking to the HNIC’s i am now able to release those real individuals to you.


Now this is a cool muthafucka! His father was a bootlegger my pops sold coke WE LIKE BROTHERS!! JFK was one of them cats who really cared for people and shit so i respect that plus he shaking hands with the king (not elvis bitches). He even went out like a G while his bitch holding his dome, Real talk he a real nigga hands down. I wish he woulda lived longer but they say good die young and babys die everyday. EARLY