Larry Johnson released by the Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs released their star running back Larry Johnson the day he was due to return from his suspension.  Johnson was suspended by the Chiefs in October for posting gay slurs on his twitter account.  This timely release from Kansas City occurs when Larry Johnson is just 75 yards shy of breaking Priest Holmes record for the team’s all-time rushing title.  Damn that’s cold…and who could ever forget LJ’s historic tackle below of Steelers safety Troy Polamalu by his long curls.

Matt Cassel Traded to Chiefs


We all knew this was bound to happen, Matt is an incredible QB but no Tom Brady. I remember a lot of people saying how good it was to have Matt even if he remains as a backup to Tom next season. To me that is bullshit, he stunting his growth sitting behind Brady especially when his stock is through the roof right now. I think this is a good trade and will give Cassel the opportunity to properly present himself.

And like I said he’s no Tom Brady.