“The Will To Act” (Batman Begins)


After watching both batman films I still must say Batman Begins is slightly a better movie. Many are going to disagree but that’s ok, The Dark Knight was a spectacular movie and had many memorable moments but I personally think Batman Begins was a deeper and more complete film experience. There is a scene in the 1st film that I will never forget, it stars Liam Neeson (one of my favorite actors) and Christian Bale (another one of my top actors) sparing. Liam Neeson is a magnificent actor and it shows in all his films, in batman he excels even further. Liam trains the young Bruce Wayne and teaches him the “will to act”. He taunts Bruce saying his parents death was his fathers fault and then telling Bruce he is stronger than his father all while in fast paced combat. This scene is so wonderfully shot cinematically from the snow covered mountains to the white crystal like ice they engage battle upon. What brings it all together is the score, without the epic score I may not even be writing this now, that’s how vital it is to the film. HHTT APPROVEDThere is only the will to act and nothing else, the will to act is the choice only the individual can make. The will to act is the power to do something even when the odds are insurmountable. – Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim

Scientology Guards Kill Samurai Sword Yielding Man

This past sunday (Nov 23rd) at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood a security guard shot and killed a man brandishing two samurai swords.  The man turned out to be a former scientologist.   Now when I saw this on TV my mind immediately ran wild as it so often does mainly because of the film Battlefield Earth and the fact the dude was “yielding swords”  I am not too familiar with scientology itself except for it’s high-profile celebrities (tom cruise, john travolta etc.) and it “teaches that people’s immortal souls, or thetans, lived among extraterrestrial cultures before being trapped in human bodies on Earth by the galactic dictator Xenu 75 million years ago”  Who knows right?  Anyways… why on earth is a man attacking security guards with two samurai swords in the first place? did Ker Bango have something to do with this?