O.J. Likely To Get 18 Years

nfl_a_simpson1_4003o_j_simpson_photo2_mid2oj-simpson1Legs shackled in irons and his hands chained, Simpson will stand before District Court Judge Jackie Glass as she pronounces his sentence. Glass is likely to sentence OJ to 18 years behind bars in Nevada and possibly more. Damn I guess America can rest easy now, I hope ya got what you want.

All this is a  result of a bizarre incident on Sept. 13, 2007, when Simpson and six men, two of them holding burners, stormed into a hotel room and demanded OJ’s shit back (trophies, pictures and famous type stuff).

Free O.J.

13 years ago today a jury acquitted O.J. of two murders, today another jury will deliberate in his most recent robbery and kidnapping trial. STOP FUCKING WITH O.J.! Hopefully he beats this shit and America will leave my nigga alone! O.J. is an American tradition; he played for the bills sponsored “Hertz”. This man should not be put though any more stress, period.