Rajon Rondo Dunk over Orlando Magic

Rollerskating Rajon Rondo dunks over Rashard Lewis & Dwight Howard off the feed from Eddie House in Wednesday’s nights Game 2 rout of the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. In case you were wondering why I called him Rollerskating Rajon Rondo,I used to skate at RollerWorld on the regular as a youth too Rondo!  Shouts to Route 1 Saugus/Melrose, thanks Scrilla for the Vid!

Fried Chicken and the Blackman

I need a GE Range BOSS!

I need a GE Range BOSS!

fried_chicken2 Even the most sophisticated of blacks could resist a plate of beautiful golden fried chicken. I think its something in our souls that makes us embrace the fried chicken with such delight, the way our mothers and grandmothers floured it up, seasoned it just right, and then fried it to perfection. A nigger loves his fried chicken that’s well known, you can see him with his 40 ounce talking his nonsense neck full of gold loving that fried delicacy. Its funny cause from the most light skinned to the darkest, fried chicken holds no prejudice. It’s one of those things you know, a lot of blacks who become successful or affluent like to turn away from the things that might be too “negro”, but chicken is a Blackman’s kryptonite. To this day the smell of some Kentucky Fried still makes me hard! Popeye’s though, holds a special place in my heart, I have to drive across state lines into Providence to get that shit, and I do so with pleasure.kfcjn1

No one can deny the splendor and glory of some bomb ass fried chicken.

2008 UNC Men’s College Basketball

The Tarheels of the University of North Carolina Men’s Basketball team led by Ty Lawson and Tyler Hansbrough has started the season 8-0 with impressive wins over the likes of Notre Dame, Michigan State, Oregon and Kentucky to open the season.  Even though UNC is in the ACC and will have their hands full with perennial rival Duke and an impressive Wake Forrest squad they are still almost a lock as a #1 seed come tournament time if they can take the ACC.  After their 98-63 domination of Big Ten favorite Michigan State on Wednesday night they are my early pick for the National Championship in Tyler Hansbrough’s senior year.

SEC Referee has flashback

Now I know you must have seen this on ESPN, and if you didn’t you will.  Apparently this referee used to be a quite talented linebacker in the SEC for Kentucky, the man still has it no doubt.  SEC officials say he was just getting out of the way, don’t look that way to me, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Chris Farley