Planet Hulk


They sent him to another universe, they tricked him, and they lied to him. They sent him to another world, they claimed he would find peace but instead he found war. Planet Hulk is one of the best graphic novels I have read since the Watchmen, real talk bee! My man Jay let me hold it at work and I fell in love with the story. Basically it involves Reed (Bitch) Richard, Doc Strange, Black Bolt and Ironman. These 4 bitch niggas tricked the Hulk to leave Earth then BOOM sent him to another world where he would become a slave. On the new planet Hulk is very weak and must regain his strength over time, but we all know the angrier Hulk gets the stronger! If you into the graphic novel thing or not, It’s an all around good read. Oh yea IT’S THE HULK BEE!!!! HHTT APPROVEDworld-war-hulk

Shawty Lo – 100,000


“Mary Jane use to be my main/ until I met the white girl……COCAINE”

Shawty Lo brilliantly tells the tale of reckless abandon in the south. He touches on the obsession ghetto youths have with the “white girl” in vivid fashion, allowing the listener to fully embrace the glory of drug dealing. Bankhead only has one boss and Lo holds that title firmly, while T.I. does songs of redemption with NSYNC, Lo illustrates a wonderful backdrop to the streets he peddled coke on so frequent. On 100,000, Shawty recalls about the times he ran the streets and first accumulated 100,000 in drug money. In the hood 100,00 = a G, straight up.

The Pass (Edition 1)

I’m going to be real and put this out there. In the black community we give passes, not like bus passes or free lunch shit. Peep, certain white folk come along blacks have to give the pass to. One can receive a pass for helping out blacks or jus being fucking cool. There is no true logic to who gets the pass but the list is somewhere in the halls of the NAACP. After talking to the HNIC’s i am now able to release those real individuals to you.


Now this is a cool muthafucka! His father was a bootlegger my pops sold coke WE LIKE BROTHERS!! JFK was one of them cats who really cared for people and shit so i respect that plus he shaking hands with the king (not elvis bitches). He even went out like a G while his bitch holding his dome, Real talk he a real nigga hands down. I wish he woulda lived longer but they say good die young and babys die everyday. EARLY

Obama Waffles?? Nigga Please

I really thought the days of the minstrel show were over but I can see I was wrong. How the fuck Black Americas last hope let this shit slide, is mind boggling. As a Blackman myself, this is a direct representation of “selling the negro”. Why do we always have to fucking entertain?? What next Obama Shoes?? Obama chains and shit??? Call Ziggfield and get obama in one of his fucking follies or maybe obama might be busy watching Coal Black and the sebben dwarfs. I am glad MLK aint alive to witness this, in one light he would he happy to see his dream come to fruition then horrified by how the black community has not made any valid progress since the 70’s. MLK would spit that shit out his fucking mouth, OBAMA WAFFLES?? This nigga will do anything to pony up money for his lil campaign I guess, shit who am I kidding most niggas do. And my b Obama if u aint got shit to do with this, but matter of fact you let these niggas use your name. They used you son, they used u.




-Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim