Ill Bill TV – DJ Muggs Vs. Ill Bill

New video from Ill Bill & Dj Muggs for Ill Bill TV off of their upcoming collaborative album Kill Devil Hills.

Cult Assassin (Video) – Ill Bill & DJ Muggs

Crazy new video from Ill Bill & DJ Muggs for Cult Assassin off of the two’s upcoming album DJ Muggs Vs. Ill Bill : Kill Devil Hills.

“DJ MUGGS & ILL BILL are back… from the past! Hidden in a dusty basement and trapped on Betamax tape for the last 35 years, “Kill Devil Hills” has returned with a vengeance! Uncle Howie, Soul Assassins and MoreFrames present you with the most electrifying old school Saturday morning series that never was. Prepare to be hit with 4 all-new episodes, featuring new tracks from the upcoming DJ MUGGS vs ILL BILL record. “Kill Devil Hills” is an original retro saga on an epic scale that no one else could deliver! Episode 1 – Cult Assassin”

In Stores August 24th

Cult Assassin – Ill Bill & DJ Muggs

Psalm of Satan – Killah Priest Feat. Sabac Red & Ill Bill

Killah Priest recruits 2/3’s of Non Phixion (Ill Bill & Sabac Red) for some heavy mental music, Psalm of Satan from his upcoming album The 3 Day Theory.

Psalm of Satan – Killah Priest Feat. Sabac Red & Ill Bill

Gunshots – Freddy Madball Feat. Slaine, Jaysaun & KO

Crazy new video from Freddy Madball for Gunshots featuring Slaine, Jaysaun & KO off of his album Catholic Guilt.

Gun Shots – Freddy Madball Feat. Slaine, Jaysaun & KO

Nuclear Medicinemen – La Coka Nostra feat. Q-Unique & Immortal Technique

Nuclear Medicinemen is on La Coka Nostra’s debut album A Brand You Can Trust which dropped today.(7/14/09)  This one features Ill Bill on the chorus with verses from Slaine, Everlast, Q-Unique and Immortal Technique, enjoy.Download/Stream–>

Mistaken Identity – Slaine

Special Teamz representative  Slaine gives us a glimpse of his storytelling ability on Mistaken Identity produced by Statik Selektah off of the new Audacity of Coke mixtape by La Coka Nostra.

Mistaken Identity – Slaine

Choose Your Side – La Coka Nostra feat. Bun B

Fine Young Canibal, Hannibal Lector, Killin bitches like Robert Blake and Phil Spector

La Coka Nostra recruits Bun B for Choose Your Side.  Bun, Everlast and Ill Bill get down over production courtesy of the Alchemist.  Look for this record to appear on La Coka Nostra’s debut album A Brand You Can Trust dropping July 14th and look out for the crew in your city for Rock The Bells this summer.