Get Back Up – T.I. Feat. Chris Brown

Damn, it seems like just the other day I was watching T.I. on Larry King live discussing how he was gonna smarten up, here is Get Back Up a heartfelt record from Tip featuring Chris Brown to all his fans and haters #FreeT.I.P.

Get Back Up – T.I. Feat. Chris Brown

The Numbers Won (Video) – Wale

New video from Wale for The Numbers Won (Competition Theme) off of Wale’s new mixtape More About Nothing.

The Numbers Won

Larry in Wonderland

Hey not all nigga moments are a bad thing… check out Larry King kickin it wit Snoop. Notice the jubilant expression on his face….now in all the years I have happened to come across the larry king live show I can’t recall ever seeing him as happy as he is in this pic…he looks so care free…almost as if to just say FUCK IT….you feel were I’m takin this? I mean it seems when celebrities get around the livin legend himself Snoop Dogg, they become so happy and worry free and relaxed…Hhhhmmm……. do you think maybe?…I mean c’mon yall you really think any who is chillin wit snoop in a ’64 wit the custom lakers paint job aint hittin that kryptochronilyte? …Exactly… smoke on my dude this is your nigga moment…hood approved