Pay Attention – Group Home Feat. Guru & Smiley The Ghetto Child

New music off Group Home’s latest album Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal, Pay Attention featuring Guru, & Smiley The Ghetto Child.

Pay Attention – Group Home Feat. Guru & Smiley The Ghetto Child

Legacy – Raekwon, Xzibit & Murs

Legacy features verses from Raekwon, Xzibit & Murs it’s taken from the upcoming soundtrack to the film Ninja Assassin.

In case you missed it, here is the trailer for Ninja Assasin which will be in theatres 11/25/09

It Was 1989

The 1st picture is banned from Cleveland I believe but cherished in Chicago as one of the most celebrated moments in the history of “Jordan”. It was the 1989 Playoffs where this shot took place; Craig was actually having a pretty good game until the great one ended it all in stunning fashion with a shot over him from the foul line. When Michael placed that shot it seemed as if time froze and he stood in the air long enough to snap his wrist perfectly and release the final dagger into the Cleveland Cavs. Ehlo collapsed as if to say “what more could I have done??” NOTHING EHLO, There was nothing no one could have done.


Watch the classic shot