D. D. (Dissapointed Dunsky) Mean Streets

D.D. (dissapointed dunsky) is the funniest of the many insults Robert De Niro’s character in Mean Streets Johnny Boy calls Mikey when he comes to collect a debt from Johnny at the local bar in the film.  This is one of De Niro’s greatest scenes as an actor and the most memorable of them all to me.  Watch loose-cannon Johnny Boy tell Mikey how he really feels about him. 

Tell Me – Rolling Stones

Growing up The Rolling Stones were always my parents favorite group, I was into the Beatles myself, but now that I’m wiser, I fuck with the stones.  “Tell Me” is actually off of the groups first LP and was the only song written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards on that album.  Here is a live version of the kids performing Tell Me in front of a bunch of screaming fans as they were famous for in their early “pop” years. 

I was first put on to this song watching Martin Scorsese’s “Mean Streets” when it appears in one of the countless Bar scenes, Scorsese is famous for using Rolling Stones songs in just about all of his pictures, but he really revolutionized all together the way music is used in Films as a whole.  Here is the actual scene Tell Me was used in Mean Streets with the great Harvey Keitel, enjoy. 

Raging Bull

Raging Bull is definately in my Top 5 hands down, and to me is my favorite Scorsese flick.  Robert De Niro even won best actor for his realistic portrayal of former boxing middleweight world champion Jake LaMotta.  Below is the Opening title sequence from Raging Bull which has even been re-produced in the Sopranos, (see Blue Comet r.i.p. Bobby)

“intermezzo-cavalleria rusticana”  by Mascagni is the tune and I’d be lying if it wasn’t on my Infinite playlist