True Grit (Trailer)

Wow, got a chance to peep the new trailer for the Coen Brothers upcoming film True Grit tonight, and it gave me another reason to anxiosly await Christmas.  True Grit will team the Coens back with Jeff Bridges for the first time since Big Lebowski, Josh Brolin we already know plays a helluva Texan (No Country For Old Men) and Matt Damon gets his first chance to work with the brothers Coen.

In My Lifetime – Jay-Z

In honor of last nights dope season finale of the sixth season of HBO’s Entourage, I give you Jay-Z’s In My Lifetime Remix. (appeared during the end credits for all those unaware)  This Jaz-O remix originally popped up on the Streets is Watching Soundtrack back in 98′ In My Lifetime Remix – Jay-Z

The original version of In My Lifetime produced by Ski was Jay-Z’s very first single, released on Payday records back in 95 before the creation of Roc-A-Fella and Reasonable Doubt.In My Lifetime – Jay-Z (1995 12\’)