HHTT 1991 Intermission

What you missed so far……..

Steadfast visit to New England

HHTT interview with Social Light Sounds very own Steadfast. To people who don’t know Social Light Sounds is a multi-state collective that has alot of talent in its ranks. Steadfast is a Washington D.C. native who travels back and forth between D.C. and Massachusetts to perform and collaborate with his crew. During his last visit Steadfast opened up for Masta Ace & Edo G (A & E)  out in Providence R.I. and also for the legendary M.O.P. at the Middle East in Cambridge M.A.  Be on the lookout for Steadfast, to find more info or to buy his LP ( The Joel Hachem Chronicles-All In The LP ) make sure to check him out at http://sociallightsounds.com/new/store/

After the interview on 91.3’s Selective Hearing radio show HHTT had a lil’ cypher with Steadfast out front of the radio station on Main St. in Worcester.

If that wasn’t enough Steadfast recently collaborated with  veteran Worcester MC’s Arablak & Larry Cheeba (L Da Headtoucha) for Give Thanks which will be appearing on Arablaks upcoming Fresh Heir due out 2-24-10.

Give Thanks – Arablack Feat. Steadfast & Larry Cheeba

If You Don’t Know Me By Now

Just doin what I do best… you know killin some time befor the radio show at fantastic pizza….. eatin one of those “real fruit” strawberry popsicles….. waitin on my half roni and cheese..  http://lexluthor34.com/2009/06/22/the-pepperoni-thief/… hahaha and bullshittin wit my peoples….HHTT A.K.A. H2T2 get infected…



Sponsored and hosted by Shanel Soucy of  S Styles this local event is sure to have it all. Come on down and get a line up or a cut and  peep some Worcester fashion spots or just chill and have a drink while you watch the festivities. Either way your looking at a good time. After the competition is over the dance floor will open up to some local hip hop talent, B-Boys and all are welcome. For more info call 508-890-7855. And if your looking for a cut year round you could hit up Shanel @ S Styles on Granite St in Worcester MA




shanel cut



In keepin with our tribute to the most influential year of our lives I couldn’t help but honor one of our favorite movies ever. Directed by Nick Gomez  NEW JERSEY DRIVE was one of the most controversial movies released in 1995. In fact, it was only released in select cities, and Worcester was not one of them. But we did not forget about it, I remember waiting to rent it from Main st video.That shit would always be rented out but thanks to the glorious invention of the dual deck VCR (we would never commit piracy or copyright infringement) Brotha men and I were able to watch this movie till we could repeat it word for word. This was the sickest movie available, next to” The Show” (real OG’s will remember that shit too) at the time. The film stars Sharron Corley, Gabriel Casseus, and Saul Stein. At the time, the city of Newark had the highest automobile theft rate in the country, and Newark mayor Sharpe James, refused to allow filming of New Jersey Drive within the city limits, so the filming was completed in the surrounding locations of Newark rather than Newark itself. With that being said, this movie had it all. From rockin the Carhart coats and timbalands to gettin harassed by the cops and ya moms wit your friends geekin on you for it lol this film has everything that made 1995 one of the best years period. Not to mention one of the best movie soundtracks to ever be released which Rev has already stated in his post back in November http://hulkhatetimetravel.com/2008/11/13/i-cant-forget-new-jersey/.

But in case you forgot here it is again. Their could not have been a better ending to this movie. Take a listen to Queen Latifah as she rips it for her home town as the credits roll. Simply perfect.


William Bell – I Forgot To Be Your Lover


People make mistakes, this is known without a doubt. Some people apologize, some people don’t. In my life I had made many mistakes and have been the person to never apologize, shit I’m still like that. While zoning out I came across the classic I Forgot To Be Your Lover from William Bell. I heard the song a hundred times over but today I had to show respect and put it up. From the melodic intro to the smooth soulful voice of Mr. Bell, the song is beautiful. I may not ever become the apologetic type but damn I wont forget to be a lover. William Bell – I Forgot To Be Your Lover

Clubber Lang (Prediction of Pain)

Today I was thinking of my father’s favorite movie characters and Clubber Lang struck me again. I did a post a while back but this time I wanted to bring proper light to the nigger himself “Clubber Lang” . Clubber’s role was simple in Rocky III, be a nigger. He was dark, big, strong, aggressive, smooth shit talker and straight militant, standard nigger attributes.  I love when he called Rocky out for ducking him, he even told his woman to come to his apartment to show her a real man! Clubber don’t jus punk Rocky, he punk Mick and then turns his attention to Apollo, daring him to step against. Clubber defeated Rocky with ruthless aggression to obtain the title, and the same ruthless aggression would eventually come back to destroy him. In my opinion this is the pinnacle for Mr. T, this is before america fully embraced the mohawked negro.Flashback post click here http://hulkhatetimetravel.com/2008/09/29/clubber-lang/