Gears Of War 2 (Braintrust Sneak Peak)

Right when you start the single player campaign your given the option for the tutorial with the rook or jus get into shit, even though I played Gears part 1 I chose the tutorial. My man Cliffy has done it again with GOW2, I been playing it this weekend (don’t ask how I got it please) and I must say shit is sick. I loved the first Gears a lot I really felt the back story and wanted more. GOW2 gives you more but to me it does feel a little lighter, by that I mean the story is not as groundbreaking as the first which is understandable. Not letting out any spoilers I will say the new mechanics are sick the game plays a lot faster yet smoother and putting the chainsaw to a foes face never felt sweeter. I gotta play this shit some more, the overall feel has got me hooked plus with this new horde mode I might be on this for quite a bit. Get yours Nov. 7th


Oh yea I will post some in game photos later for all those thirsty!