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Mike Tyson – The Most Ruthless

2 classic articles back from the archives for a limited time

Show Off – Square Off Feat. Teyana Taylor

Some dope new music from Square Off featuring Teyana Taylor for the 9th wonder produced Show Off from the brothers upcoming EP Money, Moet & Memories.

Show Off – Square Off Feat. Teyana Taylor

Gang Starr – All 4 Da Ca$h

Gang Starr is more than a rap group for us @ HHTT they are part of our lives, we have grown up to this music and when you hear someone you respect is hurt or in trouble, you respond.  They say music is a healer so i hope this helps, for all of us @ HHTT, we praying bee, stay strong Guru, stay strong.As you can see we having a regular Gang Starr party in this piece so let me drop a gem! What you know bout this bee!!

Starland Vocal Band- Afternoon Delight


This song is about coke. Nah dead up…. In the 70’s coke was like candy and everybody know a muthafucka like candy! Ribbon candy, lemonheads, Alexander the grapes and shit but back to the point, songs in the 70’s were playful yet honest. Who wouldn’t want some afternoon delight?And yes……..HHTT fucks with WillWinners_Dont_Use_Drugs

Be a winner like HHTT and say no to drugs!

I’m a Nigga (New Section)


Relax don’t be afraid, its jus niggas! A lot of people are looking at the new ads for HHTT’s new section “I’m a Nigga” and get a little nervous. This new section we are creating is not speaking of just the Negro, niggas come in all shapes and colors and at HHTT we acknowledge that. A nigga is someone who loses all logic and acts foolishly when equipped with money or power. Look at the legendary Michael Tyson, he was a hoodlum who learned discipline through the sport of boxing. Soon the nigga took over when money, bitches, and ultra niggas like Don King interfered. To some Tyson is a confused nigga on the break of insanity, to me he is the last truth in a world full of lies.  Most nigga’s are of the African American variety  but don’t get it twisted……..a nigga can be Caucasian, Latino, Asian etc and HHTT will show you.

Right Hand Cooking (Wham Bam) – Gutter Feat. OJ Da Juiceman

Wham Bam I’m cooler than a fan, Alaska and Atlanta and I’m cookin right hand. (Dayum) – JUICEMAN

Just when you thought you were safe, Zaytoven crafts another hit for Gutter and OJ da Juiceman to bounce over.  The video for Right Hand Cooking has everything we would expect from a Juiceman record, bitches cooking crack/dancing/counting moolah, pitbulls, big rims and a game of dominos, AYE.


Allen Iverson heading to Detroit

NBA superstar Allen Iverson of the Denver Nuggets it seems will be traded to the Detroit Pistons in exchange for Chauncey Billups and Antonio Mcdyess.  The Pistons already had a talented backcourt with Billups and Richard Hamilton, with the addition of A.I. the Pistons may have the most explosive backcourt in the league.  The Nuggets will gain a more “true” point guard with former NBA finals MVP Chauncey Billups and also Mcdyess can fill the void left by Marcus Camby who was picked up by the L.A. Clippers in the off-season.  This is definately a blockbuster trade pulled off by Joe Dumars only a few games into the season and expect The Pistons to challenge the defending champion Celtics in the East once again this year.

The Good Ol’ Days (Crack Era Vol.2)

Come with me lil niggaz on a magical journey through time and shit, we going to like 86-87 now dunn dunn. This was the year money was being made in hoods cross merica dunny, all from glass bottles in the pot on moms stove! YEA! When most shorty’s peeping that reading rainbow jumpoff the god was  building in the kitchen. I remember my mans hugh downs from lakeside was getting crazy paper of them rocks, I mean feens said they overcooked and all but son on the real word to allah a kid gotta eat feel me? Ribs is touching like D said and fo real bullet nancy regan if u make me wait word to mutha. Selling crack is a tedious profession na’mean, take like years of adding and taking away from niggas adding money and taking over niggas money HOLLA! The stove top was a central part of the crack game feel’me you gotta real eyes that niggaz wasn’t seeing paper till coke started getting hard and niggas made that happen! Got my troop jacket with the red sleeves my Africa medallion my high tops, IM GOOD BEE! You think we playing? Like I aint lived through the most realest era a nigga done seen, this shit is real to me more real than slavery more real than like mr.t’s chains and shit! Damn ya’ll aint getting money like we were fo real. RIP HUGH DOWNS doing a 100 years in Shirley all over that crack money. Damn Crack, damn my nigga. All for the love of drug dealing. Crack why u kill so many of my niggas, Crack why u showed me doe a nigga could neva dreams of. Crack man, fucking crack.-LeRoy (Your baby mama’s idol)