Milleniums of Murder – Ill Bill Vs. DJ Muggs

The 4th and last episode from the video series off of Ill Bill & DJ Muggs collaborative album Kill Devil Hills, for Milleniums of Murder.

Milleniums of Murder – Ill Bill Vs. DJ Muggs

Uncle Howie R.I.P.

Ill Bill TV – DJ Muggs Vs. Ill Bill

New video from Ill Bill & Dj Muggs for Ill Bill TV off of their upcoming collaborative album Kill Devil Hills.

Cult Assassin (Video) – Ill Bill & DJ Muggs

Crazy new video from Ill Bill & DJ Muggs for Cult Assassin off of the two’s upcoming album DJ Muggs Vs. Ill Bill : Kill Devil Hills.

“DJ MUGGS & ILL BILL are back… from the past! Hidden in a dusty basement and trapped on Betamax tape for the last 35 years, “Kill Devil Hills” has returned with a vengeance! Uncle Howie, Soul Assassins and MoreFrames present you with the most electrifying old school Saturday morning series that never was. Prepare to be hit with 4 all-new episodes, featuring new tracks from the upcoming DJ MUGGS vs ILL BILL record. “Kill Devil Hills” is an original retro saga on an epic scale that no one else could deliver! Episode 1 – Cult Assassin”

In Stores August 24th

Cult Assassin – Ill Bill & DJ Muggs

asBESTos – Necro

Necro is back on his bullshit again (death murder rap shit) check out asBESTos our first look at Necro’s 6th album appropriately titled DIE!

asBESTos – Necro

Drug Dealer, Drug Dealer – Brother Menelik (AV)

“Got a gun named Mandela and the clip full Nelson/ Scope from the soviets, we call it Boris Yeltsin”

Drug Dealer, Drug Dealer is a throwback to another era the wally era if you will, one that is fond to everyone here at HHTT (H2T2) and is often romanticized about when we  build.  We are all true 80’s babies who came of age in the late 80’s/early 90’s and we were all sponges keeping our mouths shut while our ears and eyes stayed wide open, taking it all in.  Av (Brother Menelik) was no exception, coming up in certain sections of Worcester this song was and still is his reality, bowdown to the Main South King, Brother Menelik.


Choose Your Side – La Coka Nostra feat. Bun B

Fine Young Canibal, Hannibal Lector, Killin bitches like Robert Blake and Phil Spector

La Coka Nostra recruits Bun B for Choose Your Side.  Bun, Everlast and Ill Bill get down over production courtesy of the Alchemist.  Look for this record to appear on La Coka Nostra’s debut album A Brand You Can Trust dropping July 14th and look out for the crew in your city for Rock The Bells this summer.


La Coka Nostra Added To Rock The Bells Roster


La Coka Nostra (Ill Bill, Slaine, House of Pain) have been recently added to the Rock The Bells lineup along with Ill Bill’s brother Necro. La Coka Nostra has just come off the “Bring Tha Noize Tour” with rock-rappers Kottonmouth Kings and are ready to get back on stage.


 The Bring Tha Noize Tour was dope. Every night the venues were packed and the fans matched the energy that we brought to the stage. With La Coka Nostra and Kottonmouth Kings on the same bill, you had to know that it was going to be a wild party when you bought the ticket, and that’s exactly what it was,” said Slaine. “Kids were moshing and going crazy in just about every city in the country. Now that the tour is over, I am short a few more brain cells, and I am looking forward to doing it all over again soon.

The group has confirmed there first studio album under the Kottonmouth Kings’ Suburban Noize imprint. A Brand You Can Trust is set to be released July 14th with features from, B-Real, Snoop Dogg, Bun B as well as Immortal Technique.

Rock The Bells 2009

Last year was off the hook (from what I remember) this year looks to be more of the same.  All my New England Hulkamaniacs I expect to see ya’ll out in full force at this, expect it to be at Great Woods/Comcast Center in Mansfield Ma. for the Boston show.

Exclusive Culture VI Ill Bill Interview


Peep a exclusive interview from Culture VI with Ill Bill, This interview is sick and props to Culture VI for getting Bill to speak on some real shit. I have been a big Ill Bill fan for quite sometime and have to say dude is mad chill and humble and it shows in the interview.

Look for more for more exclusives from Culture VI and Hulkhatetimetravel (H.H.T.T.)

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict pictures

These pictures I jacked from yahoo are from the recent happenings over on the shores of the eastern Mediterranean sea.  Most of which are Palestinian kids throwing rocks at Israeli troops and I quote, 

Jews, Muslims, Christians
What the fuck’s the difference?
We all want money, drugs & bitches
Anybody that doesn’t rubs me suspicious
I don’t trust none of y’all I don’t trust religion
I don’t trust the police or the justice system

-Ill Bill (non-phixion circa 2002)

but for real this madness needs to stop