Billie Holiday – Strange Fruit

“Strange Fruit” referenced in the song are the bodies of African Americans hanged during lynching. This song sung by the late Billie Holiday was as tragic as it was inspirational. Every time I hear this song my throat starts to get that lump in it, memories of times a lot of us don’t want to remember. I love this song; it is a testament that no matter how ill the situation injustice will not go unnoticed. We are a strong people we have overcome the highest of the hurdles. Those brave individuals who were hung in lynches during that time will not be forgotten. The beautiful fruit that grows in the south a lot of times is not all beautiful as it may seem. “Strange Fruit” would end up being Holidays biggest record and as many recalled she would break down every time she sang it.

“Yes, they deserved to die and I hope they burn in hell!”

Ok, Ok, Ok Sam Jackson now has his own fucking section! In one of the most thrilling movies of the decade “A Time to Kill” Sam delivers one of the best lines in movie history. 2 White men rape and abuse Sam’s young daughter so that nigga does what any real nigga would do, get the hammers and catch them muthafuckas! Sam kills both of them and is placed on trial for murder. I’m not gonna ruin this classic but I will say this, in a tense moment in the hot court room Sam Jackson utters classic wordage again


“Yes, they deserved to die and I hope they burn in hell!”

Obama Waffles?? Nigga Please

I really thought the days of the minstrel show were over but I can see I was wrong. How the fuck Black Americas last hope let this shit slide, is mind boggling. As a Blackman myself, this is a direct representation of “selling the negro”. Why do we always have to fucking entertain?? What next Obama Shoes?? Obama chains and shit??? Call Ziggfield and get obama in one of his fucking follies or maybe obama might be busy watching Coal Black and the sebben dwarfs. I am glad MLK aint alive to witness this, in one light he would he happy to see his dream come to fruition then horrified by how the black community has not made any valid progress since the 70’s. MLK would spit that shit out his fucking mouth, OBAMA WAFFLES?? This nigga will do anything to pony up money for his lil campaign I guess, shit who am I kidding most niggas do. And my b Obama if u aint got shit to do with this, but matter of fact you let these niggas use your name. They used you son, they used u.




-Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim