Wale feat. Gucci Mane – Pretty Girls

Sunshine in the air, perfume everywhere…….

My brother Wale is killing em with this one, oh and he got Gucci on the track!! Polo peacoat/hi tops music b.Pretty Girls – Wale Feat. Gucci Mane

Wale feat. Lady Gaga – Chillin


The boy Wale is doing it once again. I may be a little partial because one of my peoples is in the video but all in all a solid effort. You can tell this is that “commercial push” the record company is trying to go for in this video but I still fucks with it. My man Frank The Butcher from Concepts gets a quick cameo, so make sure to check.Also checkout The Butcher’s Block

Cam’Ron – Get It In Ohio


Killa is fucking back for real. For a little bit I thought Cam got caught up and fell apart but I was wrong. Fuck Jim, Fuck Santana, Cam is Dipset, he the one who carried them cats for years and they ended up half stepping.

Validation of Cam’Ron’s comeback is evident in his new track “Get It In Ohio”. Cam big ups the fourth coast in a sick video showcasing Gucci bags of coke and Midwest OG’s in those long minks.

“Not King James, these were coke kings”

Lloyd Banks – Holy Matrimony

“I got super glue/ armored cars and a gun from the future too”
It seems 2009 is the year for MC’s who slacked to finally realize its time to come hard, and Lloyd does just that on this track. When I first heard Lloyd Banks I could hear the hunger in the queens youth but by the time of his 2nd album it seemed he peaked. I’m glad to say Mr. Banks is back on his gritty shit again on this track which is hopefully a sign of things to come.

Royce 5’9 “Part Of Me” Video Trailer


Here is the trailer for Royce 5’9’s track “Part of Me” directed by Rik Cordero, from his forthcoming LP “Street Hop” (Exec Produced by DJ Premier) dropping 4-21-09.

Primo + Royce = FIRE

HHTT Approved