Serious Masturbation Material – Tracy Morgan on Sarah Palin

During last nights pre-game for the Knicks & Heat on TNT, Tracy Morgan joined Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley & Ernie Johnson.  Kenny then asked Tracy to settle an ongoing dispute between himself and Sir Charles, Tina Fey or Sarah Palin?  Peep his answer below

TNT has since apologized for the incident lol.

NBA on ESPN commercials (2010-11)

The NBA on ESPN commercial’s have always been hilarious, check out these three new ones for the 2010-11 season featuring Amare Stoudemire, Derrick Rose & Brandon Jennings.

Eddie Curry’s Son Sees Mother and Sister Killed


Hard times for NY Knick Eddy Curry this weekend, the mother of his 3 year old son and her infant daughter were found slain in Chicago. Curry’s son was unharmed but authorities think he may have witnessed the killings.

Curry has not commented, but sources close say the NBA player is “distraught” over the unfortunate events. Eddy has been seeing some bad luck, in 2007 his family was duct taped and robbed in their Chicago home for money and jewels.

Shits real in the field