Anita Hill vs Clarence Thomas (1991)


In october of 1991 just before being officially sworn in to the supreme court after being nominated by George H. W. Bush, Clarence Thomas was accused of sexual harassment by Ms. Anita hill. As one comedian commented on the situation, the comment stuck with me forever “black on black crime at the highest level”.

Clarence was accused placing pubic hairs on her cans of coke and making unwelcome advances towards her. Now im not to sure about the pubic hair thing, but I am willing to bet money that Mr. Thomas saw a plump rump… and couldn’t help himself. I mean after all in politics you don’t really get to see a lot of physical attributes,because if you did he’d look a lot more happy than this…

Recently Anita was in the news again but this time it was for Virginia Thomas,the wife of Clarence. Ms Hill allegedly received a voicemail from Mrs. Thomas asking her to apologize for the accusations brought upon her husband.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas…making polotics interesting since 1991…

Larry in Wonderland

Hey not all nigga moments are a bad thing… check out Larry King kickin it wit Snoop. Notice the jubilant expression on his face….now in all the years I have happened to come across the larry king live show I can’t recall ever seeing him as happy as he is in this pic…he looks so care free…almost as if to just say FUCK IT….you feel were I’m takin this? I mean it seems when celebrities get around the livin legend himself Snoop Dogg, they become so happy and worry free and relaxed…Hhhhmmm……. do you think maybe?…I mean c’mon yall you really think any who is chillin wit snoop in a ’64 wit the custom lakers paint job aint hittin that kryptochronilyte? …Exactly… smoke on my dude this is your nigga moment…hood approved

The Great Debate

pro cutz men lex

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snuggie Niggas look like monks bee -Av

I was awake at 3am last night and i realized sometimes you come across commercial that either make outrageous claims or that are just ridiculous. Remember Cleo the Jamaican Psychic ?? or how about the partyline girls dancing to their special song “CALL ME, pick up the phooooooonnnnneeeee”. Well on yet another sleepless night I came across a commercial that I originally thought was a parody until they put the company number and order info on the screen. It’s 2009 and the Snuggie has officially taken over , it has been on the Ellen Degeneres show and has a bunch of parody spin-offs. I think the original commercial is too funny to even make a parody of, watch how happy dad is when he clicks channels on the remote and how he raises the roof with ease at the end of the clip , lol funniest shit I seen all week THANKS SNUGGIE !!

Save Me Joe Louis (Flashback)

save me joe

We been dropping knowledge. save-me-joe-louis-save-me

Ghostface’s New Comic-Cell block Z


GHOSTFACE KILLAH is following his WU-TANG CLAN brother METHOD MAN into the world of comic books – he’s written his own graphic novel. Ghost has landed a publishing deal with the Hachete Book Group, the same company that deals with Method Man, for the release of Cell Block Z. The story revolves around a boxer who is wrongly accused of murder and is illustrated by animator Chris Walker. Cell Block Z is due for release on  July 29, 2009


R.I.P. Steve “The Air” McNair

s mcnair

One of my favorite players to ever play the game, Steve McNair was one of, if not thee, toughest quarterback that I ever got a chance to see play. McNair was found on July 4th, 2009 shot dead with 2 gunshot wounds to his chest and 2 to his head. Alongside him Sahel Kazemi was also found dead on the floor on top of a semi-automatic handgun with a single gun shot wound to the head. More than likely a murder suicide ruling will be confirmed after autopsy results are returned. McNair leaves behind his Wife and 4 sons.

Giants Ravens Football

Michael Jackson is Dead


Michael Jackson is dead. I really dont know what else to say RIP.



Exodus Tyson was only 4 years old when she passed away. Exodus died as a result from her injuries suffered at home on May 25,2009, her 7 year old brother found her tangled in a cord hanging from a treadmil by her neck. She was pronounced dead just before noon today. This is an awful tragedy and my heart goes out to Mike and his family.



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