ESPN 30 for 30 Pony Excess

Rescheduled to air on Dec 11th 9pm estTonight premiering on ESPN from its classic 30 for 30 series is Pony Excess, the story of one of the winningest teams in college football The Mustangs of SMU.  In the early 80’s SMU would do anything to win which also meant paying players whatever to commit. I remember hearing about Eric Dickerson and his gold Trans Am and of course the Death Penalty and tonight we will all get an in-depth view of one of the biggest scandals in college football. You know what im peeping tonight b!

Vick Signs With The Eagles


So Michael Vick signs with the eagles for a one year 1.5 mil deal with the possibillity of a 2nd year.  We all knew Vick is way too good of a player to not get signed but to head to philly was pretty surprising…and smart. Honestly Philly is a great fit for Vick he is obviously not in any condition to start but will definately add depth to any team. Especially a team that has been top of there division for nearly the last 6 years. But with Vick signing there has definately been some notable pressmichael-vick-eagles 

and  the thing that kills me the most is that people act like this man didn’t serve his time and learn from his mistakes.  Thats the whole point of jail isnt it? to be rehabilitated…but to an alarming number of people, 2 years in prison isn’t nearly enough.  I mean c’mon he did what he did and he paid the price, but now you got people sayin”oh its outrageous that he should even get to play in the NFL” WHAT?  Wow people its football….he is not running for senate or city council, its a game!…but the most noticeable thing to watch in these tv interviews is the amount of Caucasians/Anglo-Saxons/Americans/whites that believe Vick shouldn’t play, compared to the amount of Negroids/African Americans/blacks that say “he did his time, let him play”6170364.jpg…honestly i just hope that there is just as much drama, wait no, 4 times as much drama when Dante Stallworth decides to try to come back to the league… He killed a man while drunk driving in Miami and tried to blame it on a the man he killed…..wheres all of his protesters?

Matt Cassel Traded to Chiefs


We all knew this was bound to happen, Matt is an incredible QB but no Tom Brady. I remember a lot of people saying how good it was to have Matt even if he remains as a backup to Tom next season. To me that is bullshit, he stunting his growth sitting behind Brady especially when his stock is through the roof right now. I think this is a good trade and will give Cassel the opportunity to properly present himself.

And like I said he’s no Tom Brady.


Plaxico Burress 8-miles himself in the Thigh

The New York Giants Pro Bowl Wide Reciever Plaxico Burress was recently released (11/29) from a New York Hospital for a gunshot wound to his right thigh, many sources are saying it was self-inflicted.  Burress was supposedly at the Latin quarter (shouts to dj camillo) in Manhattan when the shooting happened, I guess I will have to bench him this week in fantasy football against the Redskins.

Straight Cash Homey – Randy Moss

The always funny Kenny Mayne from ESPN did this special for Randy Moss in his record-setting year last season.  It surrounds around Moss hosting a game show called Straight Cash Homey enjoy.

Daunte Culpepper Not Done Yet

That’s right Daunte Culpepper is un retired and is now a Detroit Lion, after going back and fourth earlier this week its finally official. Daunte has not been the same since his knee injury in 2005. I felt bad when I heard the news of Daunte retiring, I always thought he would turn out to be a legendary QB. After the injury it became clear he was not the same, I guess he is feeling the urge after seeing Bret come out and still hold it down. Everybody wants to go out on top and for Daunte and the 0-7 Lions he has a lot of work ahead of himself, a whole lot.

Vince, You Good?

This dude is hilarious! He wanna kill himself then nigga wanna retire, now nigga drinking lol. Vince you aight bee?


ESPN Sportscentury Montage

In the year 2000 ESPN collected all the greatest moments in sports history and made a video, Chad put me on and it changed me forever. The song in the background is Aerosmith – “Dream On”, every time I hear this it send chills down my spine.

When I watch this I remember.


Troy Brown Retires


Billy Preston said it best “Something from nothing means something” and that’s exactly what Troy Brown did. After 15 years loyal to the Patriots Troy Brown is retiring from the sport he loves. Troy was drafted in 1993 outta Marshall in the eighth round and worked his way up the ladder playing many positions. He is 1st for Patriots in catches (557) and 2nd to Stanley Morgan on receiving. Salute this man.