Night Train – Joell Ortiz Feat. Novel

Dope new video from Joell Ortiz for his new song Night Train with Novel directed by Derek Pike.

Night Train – Joell Ortiz Feat. Novel

Night Train – Joell Ortiz & Novel

Some dope new soulfull music from frequent collaborators Joell Ortiz & Novel, Night Train video coming soon.

Night Train – Joell Ortiz & Novel

What If – Novel Feat. Tweet

This joints been out for a few weeks but it’s still most definately worth sharing with ya’ll, What If by Novel featuring Tweet off of his upcoming mixtape Legato Blues Summer.

What If – Novel Feat. Tweet

We Don’t Believe You – Joell Ortiz feat. Joe Budden & Novel

New music video from Joell Ortiz for We Don’t Believe You featuring Joseph Budden & Novel, off of Joell’s next project YAOWA dropping in October.

We Don\’t Believe You – Joell Ortiz Feat. Joe Budden & Novel

Call Me – Joell Ortiz feat. Novel

New video for Call Me featuring R&B crooner Novel which will be the first single for Joell Ortiz’s upcoming Free Agent due 4-20-2010.Call Me – Joell Ortiz & Novel

Save Me Joe Louis (Flashback)

save me joe

We been dropping knowledge. save-me-joe-louis-save-me

Why Does He Need To Be A Hero (Chapter 3)

The Father; The Children Pt.I

Death has always been consistent in my life, ironic as it may sound it’s the truth. I remember days passing after my mothers death, my body cold clinging to existence as much as it could. I surely thought my fate was sealed until they came. They brought me to him, at that time everyone kneeled before one man. One man controlled the police force the underworld and also had political influence, his name was Ra. Ra was not only feared by the thugs he was feared by the suit and tie straight laced club soda delegates of corporate America, Ra was almighty. He stood at 6’6 skin black as tar from the pit’s the dinosaurs stole time in. His eyes were grey as stone and upon him a crown of rusty razor blades that fit perfectly on his lacerated forehead. They told him I was near dead; my lungs were entrenched in blood therefore making it difficult for me to breath or move. He asked if I had any family, they told him it was not of there concern.

The amazement was I survived in one of the vilest places in the city “The Fort” for three days with no food or water. He made them cut slits under my ribcage to drain the fluid out, I screamed as the knife grazed my flesh readying the tubes to be inserted. When the process was complete he turned to me and said, “There is mysterious anger that rest in your heart, this anger has made you strong. This anger has sent you to me; this anger will be your fuel. THIS ANGER WILL MAKE YOU IMMORTAL.” He began to teach me of all things of his world, he told me of his children. The assassins, thieves, drug lords those who walk when the light fades off the earth and darkness swallows the sky to embrace them. When the time was ready he made me watch his children kill. Years passed and I grew closer to Ra, he became my father and I his son. The children feared me as they did my father, they had reason so. I was ruthless, I killed women, children and raped with no fret. On a cold rainy night I will never forget, my father came to me and told me the thieves were forming an alliance and disbanding from us. The thieves in the city knew of everything that went on from drugs, murder, rape, money, power moves etc. He wanted to meet with there leader and lieutenant, with only me by his side. There leader was Vandal Arch, Vandal was loyal to my father for many years, in fact he was the man who saved me. He and his comrades are the ones who brought me to Ra; they are who I owe supreme loyalty to. I knew Father wanted to work it out somehow to keep us all together. We all had a sense the old ways were near end and order would be reestablished but only by blood.