June 17th 1994 (ESPN’s 30 for 30)

June 17th, 1994 is the latest film in ESPN’s 30 for 30 series directed by Brett Morgen.  It chronicles the events of that iconic day in American history particularly O.J. Simpson & A.C. Cowlings chase up the 405 freeway in the Ford Bronco.

The film also touches on all the other historic sports events of that day including the 1994 FIFA Wold Cup tipping off in Chicago, Manhattans parade to celebrate the Stanley Cup for Mark Messier and the New York Rangers, Arnold Palmer playing his final hole in the U.S. Open, the impending MLB strike which would later deprive fans of a World Series and a pivotal Game 5 in the NBA Finals between the Houston Rockets & The New York Knicks.

Gucci Mane – My Kitchen


Right now I present to you the legend himself……..Gucci Mane. I cant front when I first heard this nigga, I was like what the fuck is the is saying?? As time went on I understood the brilliance of it all. Gucci is nothing but a nigger, nothing more nothing less. He aint talking about saving hip hop and shit, he simply telling you he has “pounds in the trash can Gucci do the dishes“. Im glad that he has been released from prison cause the game need him right now, we need that dope boy trap music from the legend himself. I have blessed ya’ll today with Gucci’s – My Kitchen, one can only wonder the splendor in Gucci’s kitchen.

Sickness and Health


Being sick is not the fucking bee’s knees, I don’t even know what’s so special about bee’s knees. I personally never seen a bee’s knees, maybe that’s why its so highly acclaimed since it’s a rarity in itself. As you can see im out my fucking mind, I have a horrible cold. You know the type where every time you cough it feels like ya brain shakes, I got that. You know the cough that never stops, feels like the devil is inside ya throat with a feather just fucking with you, I got that. Man I got sinus pressure so bad feels like there drums beating behind my fucking eyeballs on steady pace. When you sick you totally forget about how it is to be healthy, you take health for granite until you all fucked up.

Enough of the pity, im beating this shit and I got weapons.

Nyquil – Nyquil is essential, niggas in the south cut this shit with moonshine and get chopped and screwed. Nyquil is powerful take a chug and let that liquid do its work!

Svedka – Any type of liquor will practically open you up, but for some reason the rich smooth flavor of Svedka appeals to me. It doesn’t burn as much going down but damn it gets you where you need to be.

O.J. – Don’t get scared everyone I am not talking about one of the most celebrated football players of all time. Orange Juice is the truth, anyone who knows me knows I flood my body with this when I get sick. The vitamin C is essential plus the flavor is always stimulating.

Trees – C’mon sick or not, this is always in the arsenal.

Let me know what ya’ll do to fight your colds, shit I could use the help.

2008 Wrap-Up – Skillz

Reminisce on a crazy year that was 2008 with the always clever Skillz. 

O.G. Clarence Stewart/O.J. Sentencing Update

SIMPSON/clar-talk So the news is official get the parade and Macy floats out O.J. is finally going to jail. I have to say though Clarence Stewart is that NIGGA! Clarence did not rat on his man and rode the whole shit out, you know when he go behind bars he good, money on the books and all. Clarence is a real rider, with snitching becoming so popular these days its good to see a nigga ride with his man all out fo real. OJ and Clarence are both looking at about 15 years on 12 charges but OJ a G he gonna be all set in super max no doubt.

SIMPSON/ Oh yeah why the FUCK is Goldman still running his fucking mouth??? Yo the dead can’t come back, stop trying to punish this nigga for past crimes! Everyone knows OJ getting locked up cause the judicial system fucked up the last time so now revenge is served. Bitch ass John Wilkes Booth looking muthafucka go home, OJ locked up now you won.

O.J. Likely To Get 18 Years

nfl_a_simpson1_4003o_j_simpson_photo2_mid2oj-simpson1Legs shackled in irons and his hands chained, Simpson will stand before District Court Judge Jackie Glass as she pronounces his sentence. Glass is likely to sentence OJ to 18 years behind bars in Nevada and possibly more. Damn I guess America can rest easy now, I hope ya got what you want.

All this is a  result of a bizarre incident on Sept. 13, 2007, when Simpson and six men, two of them holding burners, stormed into a hotel room and demanded OJ’s shit back (trophies, pictures and famous type stuff).

Free O.J.

13 years ago today a jury acquitted O.J. of two murders, today another jury will deliberate in his most recent robbery and kidnapping trial. STOP FUCKING WITH O.J.! Hopefully he beats this shit and America will leave my nigga alone! O.J. is an American tradition; he played for the bills sponsored “Hertz”. This man should not be put though any more stress, period.