Prodigy – The Life

Anybody who know me know i been fucking with P since the infamous, P is one of those rare artist that come along that stay true to form which is hard in this time of bullshit rap. Before getting locked P dropped a classic album in HNIC2 , spewed with hardcore street gun in yo face rap, P brings back the grimy. Which is needed in the days of clean fucks, enjoy a classic b.

Wack Emcees – Prophecy, Toca Legacy, Chris Billz, J Dollaz & Loner

Dope new video out of the H2T2 camp, Wack Emcee’s by Prophecy featuring Toca Legacy, Chris Billz, J Dollaz & Loner off of Prophecy’s upcoming debut album Creative Cancer which will be dropping soon.


Wack Emcee’s by Toca Legacy

Selective Hearing 91.3FM (Ad)

D, Muthafucka, D!

What U Rep – Prodigy Feat. N.O.R.E.

Prodigy released H.N.I.C. in 2000, his first solo album after four classic albums through the 90’s with his partner Havoc as Mobb DeepKeep It Thoro was the lead single as well as standout song from H.N.I.C. but What U Rep featuring Noreaga stands strong by itself, produced by the Hangmen 3, this is grimey rap at it’s best.What U Rep – Prodigy Feat. N.O.R.E.

Nite People / El-P Show in Boston


Nite People will be back in Boston @ Harper’s Ferry, this time opening for the legendary El-P. This is a very good look for our brothers over at Social Light Sounds and HHTT is happy to support them in anyway possible. It’s always good to see artists from the local scene get a chance to perform on a level like this, so show some support and cop a ticket for some realness!

T.O.D. Feat Prophecy – Streets

“The streets love me, the streets hate me”

t and proph

T and Prophecy are back at it again on some real gutta music! Prophecy goes in hard on the hook while also serving up a nice flow to begin the track. T does his usually and spits rapid fire over a chilling instrumental, the dude is a beast!! I’m really starting to notice the chemistry between the two and I think it plays out brilliant. This track is Worcester certified, play it in any hood and I bet they nod! What up Chandler!! H2T2 T & Prophecy – Streets

Prophecy – Alphabet Of Gurls


This my lil homie right here! T found this cat and brought him to HHTT and its been all good since. Prophecy ripped the Nite People release party with Cocaine Robots and established he is fully capable of rolling with the machine which is HHTT. A lot of cats like “yo Men, u like this track?” YES I DO! The reason I love this joint is cause, for one, you cant talk about coke all day unless you me, get it?? I’m only playing around, this shit bump and its good to see an artist from the city freak something like this. Check out more of Prophecy’s music @ wortownprophecyProphecy – Alphabet Of Gurls