#7 Kevin Johnson KJ


  and After

During the media-swirl of the high-profile election year NBA great Kevin Johnson  was elected Mayor of Sacramento California.  Kevin was born and raised in Sacramento and attended UCal Berkeley.  KJ is from the golden era of the NBA, he ran the point for the Phoenix Suns from 88 untill 98, an all-star and a 20 point 10 assist a night type of player.  Along with Sir Charles Barkley led the Suns to the Finals in 1993 against the unstoppable Bulls led by Michael Jordan who had a date with destiny that year for their 3-peat.  What I remember #7 for is his dunk over Hakeem Olajuwan in the 1994 playoffs against the Houston Rockets which you can view up above and of course his highlight reel.  You can’t tell me you don’t want a KJ suns throwback for the summer time

The Pass (Edition 1)

I’m going to be real and put this out there. In the black community we give passes, not like bus passes or free lunch shit. Peep, certain white folk come along blacks have to give the pass to. One can receive a pass for helping out blacks or jus being fucking cool. There is no true logic to who gets the pass but the list is somewhere in the halls of the NAACP. After talking to the HNIC’s i am now able to release those real individuals to you.


Now this is a cool muthafucka! His father was a bootlegger my pops sold coke WE LIKE BROTHERS!! JFK was one of them cats who really cared for people and shit so i respect that plus he shaking hands with the king (not elvis bitches). He even went out like a G while his bitch holding his dome, Real talk he a real nigga hands down. I wish he woulda lived longer but they say good die young and babys die everyday. EARLY