Car Jack scene from The Sopranos

“Well who else huh?! Who Else??!!”

Although this clip doesn’t feature any recurring characters from The Sopranos it still is no doubt a hilarious moment from the shows second season.  Inspired by our recent reflection on the classic film New Jersey Drive, it instantly reminded me of this funny scene when a white family gets got for their Mercedes SUV (courtesy of Tony Soprano) by a couple of young black car-jackers in N.Y.C. Enjoy. Look at the daughters expression after her father drops the N-bomb.

Clubber Lang (Prediction of Pain)

Today I was thinking of my father’s favorite movie characters and Clubber Lang struck me again. I did a post a while back but this time I wanted to bring proper light to the nigger himself “Clubber Lang” . Clubber’s role was simple in Rocky III, be a nigger. He was dark, big, strong, aggressive, smooth shit talker and straight militant, standard nigger attributes.  I love when he called Rocky out for ducking him, he even told his woman to come to his apartment to show her a real man! Clubber don’t jus punk Rocky, he punk Mick and then turns his attention to Apollo, daring him to step against. Clubber defeated Rocky with ruthless aggression to obtain the title, and the same ruthless aggression would eventually come back to destroy him. In my opinion this is the pinnacle for Mr. T, this is before america fully embraced the mohawked negro.Flashback post click here

When You Suck the Money outta my Ass!

Watch a typical argument between two of the most colorful characters from the Sopranos (Christopher Moltisanti & Paulie Gaultieri)