HHTT Productions: Hip Hop Power IV

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Saturday June 20th@ Creegans on Green St. Hip Hop Power 4 was held and it was a day to remember. The turnout was impressive for a local show and I have to admit the crowd seemed heavily into the music. HHTT was in the building, not just to document this event but to also take part. Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim (Av) and T.O.D. reunited as Cocaine Robots (we still da leg!) to rip the mic and establish HHTT as the machine! I want to big up all the performers, Black Ownerz, J Patty, Serious, Nokside, Elijah Divine and Nite People for doing Worcester proud. Also I cannot forget all the peoples who came out and supported local hip hop, this is for you.wood rip ite back yo front

HHTT Productions: HHP4 Sneak Peak (Cocaine Robots)

T.O.D. & Brother Menelik are Da Leg and also Cocaine Robots. HHTT is the fucking machine bitch.

Worcester Hip Hop


You know me as Brother Menelik, but a while back I went by the MC name of “Av”. I was in a group called Da Leg with my brother T.O.D. and found some local success with pain along the way. Good people like Nytmare and Frank the Butcher tried to create a platform in Worcester MA, for artists to grow and it was very beneficial. Years have passed and I have moved on somewhat but still have a deep love and appreciation for hip-hop, I still rap when I feel like it and produce here and there. There are so many artists in Worcester, Mass with such great skills but hardly any outlets. I think back to the days of performing, remembering how much fun I had and how Worcester for a moment was starting to rise from the ashes.

That’s why I’m calling all Worcester artists to submit material to hulkhatetimetravel@gmail.com

Hulkhatetimetravel is one of the fastest growing internet magazines and wants to help out our local artists.

Gotta put on for my city.

Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim
Co-Editor In Chief