Evolve – Kermit Quinn (Gatorade Commercial)

New Gatorade commercial for the sport drinks G-Series featuring a very dope song by Kermit Quinn, Evolve.  Surprising thing is that it was written and produced by none other than David Banner.

Evolve – Kermit Quinn

Mass Stand Up 2

Saturday January 16th Tammany Hall on Pleasant St. in Worcester Mass will be the site of Mass Stand Up 2 brought to you by Aleda Promotions in association with Kinda Dusty (http://kindadusty.com/) and HulkHateTimeTravel.com (H2T2).  DJ Manipulator will be holding down the turntables for the evening, with performances from J.K. Haze, Blackownaz, Grandaddy Gutta, Kinda Dusty’s E The Real, Paul Mighty, Spit Supreme, Skivi B and HHTT’s very own Prophecy & the Cocaine Robots (T & AV)