Ike Turner Pimpin’ – Juicy J & Project Pat Feat. Slim Thug & New Genesis

New video for Ike Turner Pimpin by Juicy J & Project Pat featuring Slim Thug & New Genesis.

Ike Turner Pimpin – Juicy J & Project Pat Feat. Slim Thug & New Genesis

Po Pimp – Do Or Die feat. Twista

Do you wanna riiiiiide???  In the back seat of my caddy, chop it up with Do or Die. 

Po Pimp is Classic

Mike Epps Day Day


“she had a carl jr. burger in her hand I wanted a piece of it and we got to rappin and that’s how it happen”

“this fat bitch know about all the new snacks before they even hit the street, all the bootleg snacks, the year 2000 snacks” 

This dude is ridiculous, Mike Epps had me rollin with this one.

R.I.P. Dolemite

Oct 20th Comic legend Rudy Ray Moore died of apparent complications due to diabetes. Rudy was raunchier than his counter parts at the time (Richard Pryor and Red Foxx) and released many cult comedy albums though the 60’s and 70’s. The role he will always be remembered for is the titled pimp in the cult classic “Dolemite”. I love that fucking movie, love how he tells the man off, fucks bitches, and lives like a true pimp should. I love the part when he leaves prison and has his bitches bring him clothes and the white bitch brings some cotton and he flips out lol. Dolemite will live on, Many rappers have featured or sampled Rudy Ray Moore which shows his impact was far beyond the bounds of just comedy.

Get Well Nate DoGG

We need you back for that Chronic 3 Detox