Eddie Jordan Fired As Head Coach Of Wizards


Eddie Jordan was fired as head coach of the Washington Wizards today after beginning the season 1-10. The last blow had to be the loss Saturday to the shorthanded Knicks 122-117. I cant really say much, Eddie is a decent coach but never really done enough to show me he’s the truth. Ed Tapscott director of player development for the Wizards will replace Jordan, hopefully now they can strive for win #2 of the 09-10 NBA Season.


Right before Thanksgiving, aint that a bitch.

Mike Epps Day Day


“she had a carl jr. burger in her hand I wanted a piece of it and we got to rappin and that’s how it happen”

“this fat bitch know about all the new snacks before they even hit the street, all the bootleg snacks, the year 2000 snacks” 

This dude is ridiculous, Mike Epps had me rollin with this one.

Ohio Players – “Honey”

The song is classic I cant front on that but what really helped this group get its proper respect would be there album artwork. As a kid I can remember going into my father’s vinyl collection and finding this album. Shit I never even listened to the bitch I would just look at the cover in my room for hours. To this day this cover is still one of the sexiest pictures I ever witnessed, look for yourself. Now I pump Ohio Players and realize how sick they are, “Honey” is classic but the picture is epic.