Rodney King (1991)


Now I must admit…. Rodney King is no saint…not even close…but how bad do you have to be to get your ass whooped like he did? I mean being a young black man, I go through the normal DWB shit (driving while black) and I already know that some of these boys in blue, just from the way they talk and attempt to intimidate me, would love nothing more than to give me a fresh lump or two. So I ask why give them a reason? You see, what a lot a folks never knew is that when the police tried to pull Mr king over, who actually was drunk at the time, he took the boys in blue on a high-speed chase because he knew he was violating his parole and didn’t want to go back to prison…now if there is one thing I know it’s if you make the cops run, their bringing an ass whoopin with them…Mr King gave them too many reasons. Luckily thanks to some great amateur video we all got to see Mr.king get his ass whooped, for the first “documented” time.

After watching the video you would assume it should be a clear case of excessive force at the least…but guess what happens to the L.A.P.D. police officers? Yup nothing…and you know why? Cuz the LAPD was pulling strings like a mutha…after switching the judge, moving to a new courthouse and changing the jury pool to 10 whites, 1 hispanic and 1 asian the officers involved were home free. But the whole world was paying attention by now and given the LAPD’s shady history, los angelens were not about to have this deed go unpunished. So in 1992 when the officers were acquited, the people of Los Angeles took matters into their own hands and all hell broke loose….Where Were You?

Miami Vice

I recently went through my dvd collection and came across my favorite cop show from the 80’s…Miami Vice. This show was the shit dead up. I mean what more could you ask for in a cop show? Guns, Drugs, fly girls, flashy suits, exotic cars, Mysteries and Murders… every episode was like a mini michael bay/Jerry Bruckheimer action flick worthy of being a 4 or 5 star action movie, not to mention the fact that Miami vice also had the best sounds from the 80’s. Miami Vice paved the way for great action dramas like New York Undercover which by the way was my favorite police drama of the 90’s. Now im not going to pretend like I can do this epic series any justice with this single post, because that’s just not possible. Instead I chose to use this post as an eye into the past that will allow my fellow colleagues to specify further into the reasons why Miami Vice was one of the greatest shows ever.Check a piece from one of the best 2-part episodes Calderone’s return, where Calderone puts out a hit on Crockett and shakes up the precinct….stay tunned there is more to come… HHTT approved..

Police caught playing Nintendo Wii during Drug Bust

This has got to be one of the funniest things to hit the internet this year.  Only in Florida… look at how excited they are too.  The miracles of Nintendo…

Dire Straits – Money For Nothing

dire straits

I remember as a kids being fascinated with the video, it was ahead of its time using computer graphics and glowing animation. Even without the video the song holds its own, the bass is so funky with the heavy guitar over it one cannot help to nod. What really makes the track unique is Sting’s beautiful falsetto in the background, what this does is make an already good song into legendary. “Money for nothing and the chicks for free“, oh hell yea! HHTT APPROVED

Two Killed in Michigan College


Two people were shot and killed today at a community college in Michigan, in what cops believe was a murder suicide. A man and woman were found dead in a classroom. Investigators believe the man shot the woman but would not provide further information. The campus was on lockdown and will be closed for the rest of day, officials said. I cant wait till more details of this are released, niggas is bugging in college that’s why I dropped out.

Robbed at Gunpoint for Popeye’s Fried Chicken


“The Chicken or your life!”


Jacksonville, FL – A young mother leaving her shift after closing the Popeye’s restaurant in Arlington noticed she was being followed. Authorities report four men in a red Pontiac drove by several times yelling “give us the chicken,” at the woman and her man. They ignored the men and kept on home, thinking they left. Instead the men in the car drove slowly toward the couple with the headlights off. Police said one of the goons hopped outr with the shotgun and yelled “You know what time it is. Give it up. They said the man ordered them to drop the chicken or there life. Damn you know its real out there when cats doing stickups for drumsticks and biscuits!

Chris Brown Domestic Felony Battery


Chris Brown has turned himself into police Sunday, who were looking for him on an alleged domestic violence felony battery. According to the female victim (who cops won’t identify) Chris got verbal then violent. When cops arrived on the scene Chris was gone but the women had visible injuries and she identified Brown as the attacker.

Both Chris and Rhianna were together at the Grammy Pre Party but both cancelled there scheduled performances. I wonder if Rihanna was the women hit or was Chris jus with another bitch on the low.

Either way this is not a good look for the young man