Michael Jackson – Leave Me Alone

Dancing with the Elephant Man’s bones is so gangsta


Michael Jackson is known for countless hits and today I have chosen one that is near and dear to me. Leave Me Alone is one of the sickest songs/videos I have witnessed in my life. Mike takes all the negative stuff people spoke about him and flips it brilliantly! From sleeping in the hyperbaric chamber to dancing with the Elephant Man’s bones, is there anything MJ won’t do!Download/Stream–>http://www.zshare.net/audio/62051763ce6e1fad/#

Loose Ends – You Can’t Stop The Rain


The beauty of loose ends is merely in the delivery. A beautiful polished pronounced sound that sounds effortless yet erotic. Before I go into some shit that may get picked up on Newsweek, The song is “ You Can’t Stop the Rain”. This song is a laid back jazzy classic which is great to smoke out too or have a lil drink if one must.

Loose Ends – You Can’t Stop The Rain

Chris Brown Domestic Felony Battery


Chris Brown has turned himself into police Sunday, who were looking for him on an alleged domestic violence felony battery. According to the female victim (who cops won’t identify) Chris got verbal then violent. When cops arrived on the scene Chris was gone but the women had visible injuries and she identified Brown as the attacker.

Both Chris and Rhianna were together at the Grammy Pre Party but both cancelled there scheduled performances. I wonder if Rihanna was the women hit or was Chris jus with another bitch on the low.

Either way this is not a good look for the young man


Gwen Guthrie – Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On But The Rent


When you borrow lines from the 5th Beatle (Billy Preston), how can you go wrong? I love this song because it brings me back to when I was young, my moms would throw lil house parties and when she played this song she always kept it on blast. In tradition of great music, light a dutch, get ya drink and enjoy.


HHTT Approved

Jennifer Hudson’s Mother and Brother Found Dead

Oscar award winner Jennifer Hudson from Dreamgirls and American Idol fame has suffered a hard blow. Her brother and mother were found shot dead in there home in Chicago on Friday Oct.24th. Police said neighbors heard shots in the morning but the bodies were not discovered until later in the afternoon. Sad thing is Hudson’s 7 year old nephew is also missing; he was at the house where the victims were later found, leading police to believe he was abducted.


Shit is sad for real, girl got range. I peeped her in Dreamgirls and she mos def did her thing, it seems when you finally get over the hurdle theres 20 more left.