Rev. Barack Obama


Much props and respect goes to Obama for winning the presidency and giving America hope. All that aside I’m sick and tired of the comparisons to JFK, Obama is young and bitches feel him but his swag is totally different from Kennedy. Kennedy loved to fuck bitches and America knew it. When Obama speaks, word to Allah he sound like a god damn preacher. Now I know people are going to come against me, but it’s true. When Rev. Obama gives a speech (slash sermon) he sounds like he bout to anoint a nigga.


JFK may have been the man with the bitches, but Obama is the man period. America needs to get over the race thing and embrace Barack as the president and not “the 1st black president”.

Black Coffee II (Revelations)

Black Coffee

A year or two back I was obsessed with a game for the PC called the “Movies”. The game started you off with a lot in the 20’s and you grow from there making movies and moving through time. The main thing that hooked me to the game was the ability to create your own movies with original sound etc. With the game I made a few movies and I decided to showcase them here, the first I will display is a classic called “Black Coffee”. Black Coffee is about a cop from the 70’s who lost his partner and is trying to find the man who done it. Simple premise I know but watch, it may surprise you.

All production and vocal work done by Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim for HHTT Productions

White Jesus

Praise be to the glory of all glory WHITE JESUS! White Jesus is pure, hair smooth as silk, eyes blue as the artic sea. Pray to god you never anger white Jesus he is ten times more holy than any fucking rosary or stain glass at a cathedral! Back in the day we use to say prayers like “Please save us white Jesus, save us!” I wish a thousand deaths upon your tar heart you say anything bad about White Jesus. Turn a river to wine on a nigga.