Prodigy – The Life

Anybody who know me know i been fucking with P since the infamous, P is one of those rare artist that come along that stay true to form which is hard in this time of bullshit rap. Before getting locked P dropped a classic album in HNIC2 , spewed with hardcore street gun in yo face rap, P brings back the grimy. Which is needed in the days of clean fucks, enjoy a classic b.

Road to Riches – Raekwon Feat. Mobb Deep

“Give a fuck what the year is, to me it’s 92” – Prodigy

Some dope new music off of Raekwon’s new mixtape with the Brinks Boyz Cocainism Volume 2Road to Riches featuring Mobb Deep plus some shorty on the hook.

Road To Riches – Raekwon Feat. Mobb Deep

Free P

What U Rep – Prodigy Feat. N.O.R.E.

Prodigy released H.N.I.C. in 2000, his first solo album after four classic albums through the 90’s with his partner Havoc as Mobb DeepKeep It Thoro was the lead single as well as standout song from H.N.I.C. but What U Rep featuring Noreaga stands strong by itself, produced by the Hangmen 3, this is grimey rap at it’s best.What U Rep – Prodigy Feat. N.O.R.E.

Exhibit CNN Parts 1 & 2 – N.O.R.E.

Noreaga did his thing over Just Blaze & Jay Electronica’s Exhibit C with Exhibit CNN.  Now Capone adds his 2 cents in Part 2.Exhibit CNN – N.O.R.E.

Exhibit CNN Part 2 – Capone

Aye Aye Aye – Saigon (Prod. by Buckwild)

Saigon teams up with Buckwild for Aye Aye Aye the first song leaked to the masses from his upcoming sequel Warning Shots 2. The album will be released on Amalgam Digital on September 29th.  WS2 will feature production from Just Blaze, Buckwild & Scram Jones and additional appearances from Quan, OJ Da Juiceman, Ransom, Lil Fame & Grand Puba.

Aye Aye Aye – Saigon

Shout to Bebe’s Kids

Front Lines (Hell On Earth) – Mobb Deep

I ain’t ya average cat, Fuck Rap!  I’m trying to make cream and thats that.

The Infamous Mobb Deep released the follow up to their classic Infamous album Hell On Earth back in 96.  The Queensbridge duo of Havoc & Prodigy were at the top of their game as well as the top of N.Y.C.  Hell on Earth yielded many singles such as Drop a Gem on Em, Still Shining, G.O.D. Part 3 and the album titled Front Lines (Hell on Earth) it also featured many of raps elite at the time Method Man, Nas, Big Noyd, Infamous Mobb and Raekwon.  Front Lines (Hell on Earth)video, enjoy.Download/Stream–>

NY Timez – Kool G Rap Feat. Godfather Pt. 3

Some new music from Kool G Rap with Godfather pt. 3 from Infamous Mobb NY Timez produced by ATG, this one knocks.