A Woman’s Threat – R. Kelly

Hell Hath no Fury like a Women Scorned

R. Kelly released the former #1 selling album TP-2.com (Twelve Play-2) in 2000, the record featured such hits as I Wish, Fiesta, Feelin on Your Booty and A Woman’s Threat.  A Woman’s Threat is vintage Robert Kelly to say the least, every time I hear him break down the story of the three little pigs toward the end of the song I wind up in stitches.  9th wonder later sampled the record for Jay-Z on the Black album’s Threats.  More recently on Drakes the Best I Ever Had remix R. Kelly announced his plans to release his new album in September, “some real r & b, R. Kelly shit on ya’ll” is how he put it, and if you can’t wait for that follow Kellz on twitter @ http://twitter.com/kellzodiac


Number One – R. Kelly feat. Keri Hilson

R. Kelly teams up with the busiest chick in the game Keri Hilson for Number One  off of his upcoming still untitled album.

Download/Stream–> http://www.zshare.net/audio/6159081263eae4e0/

Trey Songz- Death of Autotune R. Kelly diss


Trey songz did a lil beat jackin to call out Mr Statutory himself (R.kelly lol) and a few other hip hop/R&B stars as well. I dont know about y’all but this kinda shit just makes me laugh. You got R&B thugs first of all, ever since kellz did his cornrows and bandana back in 94, but not only that, now you got these soft as a wet baby’s ass singers tryin to call each other out? Hahaahaha this shit is pure comedy to me. How you gonna call some one out while tryin to sound like Lenny Williams on the track? I mean Lenny wasn’t tryin to start beef with Earth, Wind & Fire or Bootsy Collins…LOL. I applaud the effort Trey but you sound obnoxious trying to bring this element of hip hop to R&B. Leave battle raps for the hip hop MC’s and stick to gettin your heart broken or tryin to sweet talk some skeezas…

2008 Wrap-Up – Skillz

Reminisce on a crazy year that was 2008 with the always clever Skillz. 

Early in The Morning – The Gap Band

Seriously, I challenge anyone, whoever you are turn this song up above a three on your dial and I gaurantee you will nod your head, if however you don’t I will pray for you.  The Gap band has entirely too many hits peep “early in the morning”

Outstanding – The Gap Band


 The funkiest R & B group ever, The Gap Band with “Outstanding” 

R. Kelly Speaks Out 1st Time Since Trial

This nigga is clearly bugging! First off I seen the video I feel nigga on fucking them other chicks but that lil girl I hall and oat that shit son can’t go for that my nigga. BET (the scourge of the African American community) asked this pedophile if he liked teens nigga was like “When you say teenage, how — how old are we talkin’ … 19?”  Legal eagles (good movie by the way) fuck that what biz a 40 year old R&B singer got chilling with bitches that young period!! If im 40 and make songs bitches cum hard for on  the regular im fucking bitches old enough to at least by a 40 ounce! R Kelly makes bomb music I cant lie but damn how u say u don’t like anyone illegal when u got friends 19 years old c’mon bee, so whats good? when they 18 he cant see them or someshit? Does this nigga got some sonar shit so when a bitch illegal they ugly?? That nigga a front word to allah! He like young bitches that’s why he married Aaliyah at 15 yeas of age! Nasty Nigga, but damn he is so talented.

Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim