I Remember – 9th Prince

9th Prince gives a history lesson on himself, Killarmy & Wu-Tang in his new video for I Remember, off of his 2010 album One Man Army.

I Remember – 9th Prince

Jolly Ranchers – Raekwon

The ALC hooks the Chef up with a few classic breaks on Jolly Ranchers.

Jolly Ranchers – Raekwon Prod. Alchemist

Our Dreams (Video) – Meth, Ghost & Rae

New video from Method Man, Ghostface & Raekwon for Our Dreams off the upcoming Wu-Massacre album in stores 3-30-2010.

Method Man – The Riddler


1995 once again in this bitch! Not many people remember this but Mr. Mef did a track for one of the Batman movies, the movie I can care less about but the song was called The Riddler and its Mef at his finest. Rza provided Method with a chilling beat and he did more than rip it he shredded that shit. MeThod Man – The RiddLer

Clyde Smith (Knuckles)


Shallah Raekwon was truly in rare form delivering some of the realest G talk I have ever heard. This shit is classic fo real, that OG type shit, Ronald Regan, Muppet Babies era type shit! Fuck 50.

Raekwon – Verbal Intercourse (Feat. Nas & Ghostface Killah)


1995, 1995, MUTHAFUCKING DAMN BEE 1995! I aint gonna spit that fancy shit this is for the real. This is for the Wellington basement, pissy elevators, murray ave main south shit! Yo Rev im sorry, no disrespect to the remix with the Detroit kids but this is the classic bee! Rae and Ghost hold it down as usual but to me Nas fucking destroys the track from start. Rae dropped a gem with Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, I only hope the sequel will be up to par.

Wu: The Story of the Wu-Tang Clan


Gerald K. Barclay’s documentary “Wu: The Story of the Wu-Tang Clan” will air on BET Nov. 13th, 5 days before the DVD hits stores. This documentary will go deep into the Staten Island group showing pain, success, triumph and tragedy. If you a Wu head like myself you cannot pass this up, I know ima be peeping this classic.

I still think BET is the scourge………but c’mon its Wu!