Ralph Lifshitz – Smoke DZA

Dope new video from Smoke DZA for the Lo-Anthem Ralph Lifshitz produced by Boi-1da off of DZA’s upcoming album T.H.C.

Ralph Lifshitz – Smoke DZA

Lo Boots – Tity Boi Feat. Vado

New video from Tity Boi for Lo Galoshes Boots featuring Vado.

Lo Boots – Tity Boi Feat. Vado

Tricks Of The Street – J-Love Feat. Kool G Rap, Cormega & Roc Marciano

Some dope new music from J-Love’s upcoming album Egotistical Maniac, Tricks of the Street featuring Kool G Rap, Cormega & Roc Marciano, produced by Blunt & Eng.

Tricks Of The Street – J-Love Feat. Kool G Rap, Cormega & Roc Marciano

Double Dosage (Chapter 2) – Thirstin Howl the 3rd Feat. Mayhem Lauren & J-Love

Lo Lifes & Outdoorsmen team up for Double Dosage (Chapter 2) from Thirstin Howl the 3rd featuring Meyhem Lauren & J-Love, produced by Will Tell.

Double Dosage – Thirstin Howl the 3rd Feat. Meyhem Lauren & J-Love

Ralph Lifshitz – Smoke DZA

Some new fire from Smoke DZA, Ralph Lifshitz produced by Boi-1da.  This is Smoke’s ode to the greatest clothing company ever, Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lifshitz – Smoke DZA

How Lo Can You Go? (Episode 1)

Thirstin Howl the 3rd (Lo General) shows off some rare Polo items and accessories.

Polo (Remix) – Vado Feat. Young Dro

New video from Vado for the Young Dro assisted remix to Polo off of hus debut album Slime Flu.

Polo (Remix) – Vado Feat. Young Dro

Polo (Remix) – Vado Feat. Young Dro

The first single from Vado’s upcoming debut album Slime Flu, the remix to Polo featuring fellow Lo-rocker Young Dro.

Polo (Remix) – Vado Feat. Young Dro

HHTT Productions: This is Mainsouth

GEDC0225rev lex lake

Now we here at Hulk Hate Time Travel have been bringing you short documentaries of ,well basically, how we live. And in this video we again do just that. We aren’t here to “sugar coat” anything we are here to give you the real…and you can deal with it how you like. So here we go on a cruise through mainsouth Worcester on a Saturday afternoon. Honestly you never know whats going to happen on any given HHTT meet so you can be assured that BIG LEX is probably gonna have a lil surprise in store for us. So let us watch and see what its like on mainsouth and like those great 80’s cartoons we all miss and love I will leave you with an educational message; WINNERS DON’T DO DRUGS..(and my personal favorite, thank you Nancy) REMEMBER TO “JUST SAY NO“…Now see how we live.(we here at hulkhatetimetravel.com do not promote,condone or incourage any illegal drug use)

On Fire – Young Dro

On Fire surfaced about a month ago, but recently resurfaced on Young Dro’s  new mixtape Lo Life, I just hope for Dro’s sake he gave his props to Thirstin the skillionaire for the title.  On Fire is produced by Miami super-producer Jim Jonsin and should be featured on Young Dro’s upcoming sophmore album P.O.L.O. (Players Only Live Once).