LeVar Burton (Roots Theory)

Levar Burton is an extremely talented brother and will always hold a special place with me for his role as Kunta in Alex Haley’s ROOTS. I wanted to highlight a few of Levar’s roles after ROOTS and the impact the movie had upon his career. Playing a slave is not always the most glamorous of roles and sometimes can have a lasting effect which was clearly evident w/ Levar.

 Reading Rainbow (The Glory)One of his most popular roles as the host of the award-winning Reading Rainbow, teaching little black boys and little black girls how to read. He did amazing in this role which ROOTS obviously helped him with because we all know when he got off the ship he had great difficulty reading and writing. Levar learned secretly to read and write while on Roots but hell would be to pay once Massa found out later in his career.

Star Trek (The Tragedy)After coming off a highly successful stint w/ Reading Rainbow the world was shocked when we discovered his role on Star Trek. I remember like it was the other day seeing my nigga Levar with them fucked up shades on, blinded by Massa! At first I thought it was cool, you know just having a brother on star trek and all but then I realized the everlasting effects ROOTS had on my brother. It was like some cosmic karma b, he was teaching kids to read a few years back now he on star trek BLIND (well not full blind but he had that low res security camera vision like Robocop, looked blocky like he dream of Lego’s) This just goes to show you, don’t think you gonna disobey Massa and live fruitful b, won’t happen.

Just like I remember street fighter soundtrack and all b

HHTT Returns to Barnes & Noble (Worcester)



The Polo boys go back to Barnes & Noble to do it right. Barnes & Noble provides an excellent atmosphere to work and also play a little. This is one of HHTT’s first meeting spots, and you never forget where you started. The vibe at Barnes is very laid back and relaxing, I personally dig it because the staff lets us run free in that bitch! HHTT has a deep love for literature and it’s only proper we showcase one of Worcester’s top book stores. Sometimes you have to drop the remote and pick up a book, real talk.

rev-with-watchmenmen-with-peter-rabbitCheck the rest of the pics here

HHTT Invades Barnes & Noble Pt. I (Black History Month)


This past weekend Rev and I got up at Barnes & Noble to meet and discuss business. Barnes & Noble provides an excellent atmosphere to work and gives the serenity of a czar’s palace. Ok enough of the flattery, tell me why the fuck in the prime of black history month one of Americas #1 booksellers only has two tables dedicated to African American history?? I went into the muthafucka happy to read books and shit then realized it’s the same bullshit.
All that aside we had a excellent time peep the clip.

The Good Ol’ Days (Crack Era Vol.2)

Come with me lil niggaz on a magical journey through time and shit, we going to like 86-87 now dunn dunn. This was the year money was being made in hoods cross merica dunny, all from glass bottles in the pot on moms stove! YEA! When most shorty’s peeping that reading rainbow jumpoff the god was  building in the kitchen. I remember my mans hugh downs from lakeside was getting crazy paper of them rocks, I mean feens said they overcooked and all but son on the real word to allah a kid gotta eat feel me? Ribs is touching like D said and fo real bullet nancy regan if u make me wait word to mutha. Selling crack is a tedious profession na’mean, take like years of adding and taking away from niggas adding money and taking over niggas money HOLLA! The stove top was a central part of the crack game feel’me you gotta real eyes that niggaz wasn’t seeing paper till coke started getting hard and niggas made that happen! Got my troop jacket with the red sleeves my Africa medallion my high tops, IM GOOD BEE! You think we playing? Like I aint lived through the most realest era a nigga done seen, this shit is real to me more real than slavery more real than like mr.t’s chains and shit! Damn ya’ll aint getting money like we were fo real. RIP HUGH DOWNS doing a 100 years in Shirley all over that crack money. Damn Crack, damn my nigga. All for the love of drug dealing. Crack why u kill so many of my niggas, Crack why u showed me doe a nigga could neva dreams of. Crack man, fucking crack.-LeRoy (Your baby mama’s idol)