Under Pressure – Dr. Dre Feat. Jay-Z

New music from possibly the most anticipated album ever, Dr. Dre’s Detox. This one is slated to be the first single Under Pressure featuring Jay-Z, produced by Dr. Dre & Scott Storch. 

Check out Dre announcing the song back on opening day at Fenway Park.

Under Pressure – Dr. Dre Feat. Jay-Z

Mass Stand Up III

It’s like the return of the Jedi

The trilogy continues…………….. HHTT once again is in the House, come and chill with the gods and break bread b. Dont forget to check the site  after the show for a in-depth  article of all 3 shows in retrospect! Shouts to our family over @ Kinda Dusty, we see you b!

Worcester Ruby Legs

The plaque above located on the Becker college campus in Worcester Massachusetts was as you can see, the place where Lee Richmond threw for the 1st perfect game in Major League Baseball history.  The team Lee Richmond played for was of course the Worcester Ruby Legs who in 1883 became the Philadelphia Quakers who in turn later became the Philadelphia Phillies

Yankees beware, former Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez is starting game 6 for the Ruby Legs, don’t body yourself.

HHTT Invades That’s Entertainment (Worcester)

men up wallthats inside

With a name like Hulkhatetimetravel you damn right we know about comics! Worcester is home to one of the best comic book stores in all of New England and its only right we paid a visit. That’s Entertainment on Park Ave is a local legend, selling everything from comics, video games, movies, trading cards, sports memorabilia and more. Walking in is like entering a forgotten world, your childhood on full display but with price tags and plastic wrapping. Stop by Park Ave and peep That’s Entertainment, trust its HHTT Approved like a Mutha!rev in thats comics

gi joe

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HHTT on Park Ave/ Leitrim Pub Wall Graffiti (Worcester)

Start On The Street: Worcester


Hip hop is something that resides deep in our soul, the culture is beautiful its self expression in its rawest form. Growing up hip hop was more than music, it was my life. Certain songs bring back certain memories, certain memories bring back songs, its funny. HHTT has a deep love for where we grew up and always love to put on for our city. Chilling on Park Ave we noticed the art on the Leitrim Pub wall and decided to post up, seeing the art made me think of how much I still love hip hop and love being from the City of Wor. HHTT City Of Worrev-check-artmen-close-on-wall-art

Check the rest of the pics HHTT on Park Ave/ Leitrim Pub Wall Graffiti (Worcester)

Visit Leitrim’s to get a good drink on

Annual arts and culture festival taking place in Worcester, MA the 3rd Sunday in September. This event is planned by the Central Massachusetts Arts Assembly.


Pizza Throwing Incident at Fenway Park

Boston Red Sox broadcasters Don Orsillo & Jerry Remy had some fun at this game a couple years back, enjoy.

That slice of pizza honestly cost more than 10$, dude temporarily lost it.