Joaquin Phoenix Steps Away From Acting

On Monday Oct, 20th at a Paul Newman benefit Joaquin Phoenix dropped some heavy news to Extra:

“I want to take this opportunity… also to give you the exclusive and just talk a little bit about the fact that this will be my last performance as an actor… I’m not doing Films anymore.”

Hmmm I really don’t know what to think of this news, Joaquin is not one of my top 5 actors but I must admit he holds his own and loved his work in “Gladiator” and “Walk the Line”. His choice to retire is his choice, he was also quoted saying that he’s working on music and other things. If the man feels he has done enough in film and wants to embark on another journey props to him! At least he didn’t leave when his career was on its last leg.

Troy Brown Retires


Billy Preston said it best “Something from nothing means something” and that’s exactly what Troy Brown did. After 15 years loyal to the Patriots Troy Brown is retiring from the sport he loves. Troy was drafted in 1993 outta Marshall in the eighth round and worked his way up the ladder playing many positions. He is 1st for Patriots in catches (557) and 2nd to Stanley Morgan on receiving. Salute this man.