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HHTT Productions: Drug Dealer, Drug Dealer (91.3 Premiere)

crack av kill copBrother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim (Av) one half of the Cocaine Robots sits down with Selective Hearing 91.3 to premiere and give insight behind the new single Drug Dealer, Drug Dealer off the Hot Dogs & Coke (Coney Island Shit) Mixtape.

Turbo Teen


What would my life be like if Brett Matthews never swerved off that road during a thunderstorm and crashed into that government lab??? It would be boring cause then there would have been no Turbo Teen! It’s like I tell my oldest son, the cartoons of the 80’s were far superior to the crap displayed now. Turbo Teen was about a young cat who had the abilty under extreme heat to morph into a car and revert back through extreme cold. I use to love watching this show because bad guys would throw a cold soft drink on him and have his lil ass screaming back in human form. The show was groundbreaking the way he morphed to his vehicle form, a cartoon about a kid who could change to a 80’s sports car???? GENIUS! Turbo Teen is HHTT APPROVED

Public Enemy – Rebel Without A Pause

“Yes, the rhythm the rebel without a pause I‘m lowering my level”



Here we have rap at its finest, something that cannot be denied. What I am speaking of today is Public Enemy’s Rebel Without a Pause. Chuck D is a powerful MC, he drops hardcore political science over funky head rocking drums. The sample is so sick its similar to a tea kettle reaching its peak temperature about to explode then looped over again. Flav does his usual hype man duties but what I cannot ignore is the revolutionary scratching of Terminator X on the cut. X’s cutting on this record really does put the cherry on top and at the time made PE a force to be reckoned with. HHTT APPROVED

Public Enemy – Rebel Without a Pause

In The Shadow Of A Giant


Sam Bowie will forever be known as the player drafted above Michael Jordan, and also one of the biggest bust. Sam was the logical pick for Portland no doubt, I mean they did draft a guard the previous year (Hall of Famer Clyde Drexler). Bowie averaged 10.5 ppg with the Trail Blazers but was injury prone so they traded him to New Jersey. In the shadow of the greatest NBA player of all time is there really anything that Sam could have done to shed more light onto himself??? Sadly I think not, it will go down as one of Portland’s biggest mistakes not drafting Jordan and we all remember when Jordan showed them why with his outstanding performance in the 1992 NBA Finals. 20042425_0c40bf9504mj_air_jordan_i

The Cool Kids – Pennies

The Cool Kids have won me over. I cant lie im obsessed with the 80’s like a mutha, plus I love vintage jeans, those ol hi tops with the big nike orange tag (not the lil fake one that they brought back, the big orange one in plastic from like ’88) and nelson Mandela t shirts. These kids are on to something with there gritty production and clever lyrics. Peep the track “pennies”, all im gonna say is the whistle gets you bee.


Mtume – C.O.D.

C.O.D. is not merely jus a song the shit is a movement. Most young people may reference this song to stealing cars or killing innocent people in Grand Theft Auto 4 (sick ass game). This is pure music if you ask me the way the beat drops when she screams out “Just call my name, in a huuuuurrrrrrryyyyyy! Ooooooooooh baby it’s not the same!” The drums are classic similar to some sort of tribal ritual, if you got the time find this cassette tape! Yea nigga I said cassette! Not a cd take shit back to 84 my dude. Now if you don’t mind im going to crack this grape dutch and enjoy. Easy

Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim