Zoo York Mixtape

Growing up, Skateboarding and Hip-Hop went hand in hand.  From 95-98 you could catch a young Rev skating with a backpack full of mixtapes, paint markers, Krylon cans and a boombox/walkman damn near everyday.  So in 1998 when the Zoo York Mixtape hit the streets I was immediately blown away.  The film was extremely creative in the way it interwove east coast street skating with rare footage of some of Hip-Hops finest freestyling on WKCR’s 89.9 Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito radio show from the early 90’s. 

Looking back, this is the definition of nostalgia to people like me who skated and were fans of Hip-Hop.  Some highlights from the film include Ghostface spitting his verse from Criminology right off a loose sheet of paper, a very dope DJ Roc Raida set at the end, plus the always entertaining Harold Hunter.

Shout out to the Coliseum, Eastern Boarder & Concrete Wave

R.I.P. Roc Raida

R.I.P. Harold Hunter

2009 Rap Up – Skillz

Another year, another Skillz Rap Up, coincidentally haven’t heard from Skillz in about a year, still killing these rap ups though, hopefully 2010 we can get a new Mad Skillz album.2009 Rap Up – Skillz

A Tribute To Roc (DJ Manipulator)


On September 19th we lost one of the most talented, influential, and inspirational DJ’s of all time. Roc Raida of the X-Ecutioners. He was such a huge influence on me and the way I approached DJing. I remember when I was starting out in high school I used to watch his and the rest of the X-Men’s routines on DMC dvds  over and over again, studying his body tricks(which i still cant do to this day),and the way he would juggle the records. It was incredible to watch him.  You could tell the he was really dedicated to his craft. So I took sometime out to send a salute to the legend cause he inspired me to do what I do on the tables today. Rest in Peace Roc Raida, your contribution to the artform will never be forgotten.

DJ Manipulator

This morning I got this in a email, I had to wait to get home to listen and I have to say this is truly amazing. DJ Manipulator is a very talented humble brother and it’s a pleasure to post this on HHTT. Manip we got you bee!

Download link:

GM Roc Raida R.I.P.

Saturday (9-19-09) Hip-Hop lost another great talent, Grand Master Roc RaidaRoc Raida was a member of the legendary X-Ecutioners DJ crew which consisted of himself, Rob Swift, Mista Sinista & Total Eclipse.

Roc Raida was also the 1995 DMC World Champion, below is Raida defending his title in 1996 over in Italy.Live From The PJs – X-Ecutioners Feat. Ghostface, Trife & Black Thought

Book Of Daniel/I Love You – MF Grimm

Whether it’s MF Grimm, GM Grimm, Jet Jaguar, or The Grimm Reaper, Percy Carey is a problem.  In case you were wondering… “In 1994, Grimm survived a murder attempt which killed his stepbrother.  He was shot seven times in that incident and three times in an earlier murder attempt in 1986.  As a result of the 1994 attack, he was deafened, blinded, and paralyzed from the waist down.  Doctors predicted that he would suffer nulled senses and be paralyzed for the rest of his life.  Grimm recovered full vision, hearing, and speech ability, but is still confined to a wheelchair”  The picture above is the cover to his autobiographical graphic novel Sentences: The Life Of MF Grimm which is a must read.  So now that you’re a little more familiar with the man, here are a couple joints from his 2006 triple LP American Hunger.

 I Love You is written from the perspective of Michael Corleone from the Godfather trilogy. 


MF Doom diss track Book of Daniel with the rest of M.I.C. (Monsta Island Czars)


“Fredo!!!  I know it was you, You broke My heart!”